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  • Write An Argumentative Essay On The Hobbit

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    This first quarter for writing, we wrote an argumentative essay on social media. For the essay we had to decide whether social media is bad or good and prove whether our argument was true. Also for reading we did a class novel on “The Hobbit” by J.R.R Tolkien. For this novel we did PRL’s, organizers and packets. During the first quarter I wrote an argumentative essay on social media. While starting the process of writing the essay I found that it was more effective to begin writing on the body paragraphs

  • Those Living In America Analysis

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    Reflection My experience in writing this essay was an extremely difficult one. I thought that picking a topic very dear to me would make the process of writing easier but it actually seems to be making things a bit more complicated. Rather than being okay with having a bad first draft and just getting my ideas out on paper, I spent of lot time editing my thoughts before they could even make it into text. Writing about a topic that means something personal to me gave me writer’s block because I really

  • Essential Elements Of A Thesis Statement

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    The most important part of a thesis statement is that it clearly represents what the paper is going to be about. While a thesis statement is usually the essential part of the paper, it can change. It is important to have a clear thesis before you start writing. A thesis statement is usually one sentence, but can vary depending on the complexity of the subject. While writing your thesis statement, it is important to remember that you don’t want to have just a topic, but instead haven an opinion on

  • My Writing Autobiography

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    Writing Autobiography Writing sucks. This is the conclusion I come to every time I have to write a blog, essay or story. Writing requires an immense amount effort to put words on the page and is almost always homework. Something about thinking of words, and typing them on paper or google docs was just mind numbing to me. I remember in first and second grade when we were given a notebook and a pencil and told to write a story. While I loved first and second grade, I absolutely hated writing. When

  • Shitty First Draft Analysis

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    writer trying to write an essay, they don’t just sit down and write they will write a drafts first, they start with no idea, even writer they don’t get their idea right the way, so it’s nice to put something down first, your first drafts will always be the worst drafts, but nobody will see it ,you can find something that you write down and you just love, and put it down to the second drafts, then you keep fixing the second drafts, you will be able to get a perfect essay. Almost all good writing start

  • Informative Essay On Human Trafficking

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    Trafficking Human trafficking is a worldwide issue that has been going on for years. It can start from the person you least expect it from. The main focus of this essay is how is team not for sale protecting individuals from human trafficking? This essay will be telling you about what human trafficking is. I think this is relevant to this essay because it informs the reader about what human trafficking is. The next statement will inform the reader how traffickers take advantage of people’s vulnerability

  • Informative Essay On Gun Violence

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    1: Well I would first do my research and bring up how gun violence may or may not affect the country. I would tell her that the position that she needs to take is against guns or stricter rules for gun ownership. It seems like everyday there is a school shooting or some sort of gun violence and with stricter rules and more screening of the gun applicants there would be less violence. 2: Hey everyone today I am talking about something that affects our world everyday and what that is; is gun violence

  • Informative Essay On Blink 182

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    Anyone who knows me personally knows my favorite band is blink-182. The personality of the band combined with the music itself makes you feel like you know the band personally. Like they are singing in front of you and after they finish a song they crack a couple dick jokes to make you laugh. They get you. They hate the people you hate. They aren't afraid to be themselves. Blink-182 is also a perfect example of being true to yourself, when you are who you truly are, having fun with your friends on

  • Informative Essay On Coast Guard

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    Let’s say you are out on a boat with your best friends on a bright Sunday afternoon deep sea fishing. The weather forecast called for a hurricane but by the looks of things the weather man was wrong. Because what are the odds the weather man is right on this particular day? Your friends say turn back just in case, but you insist to keep going. But all of a sudden you notice the waves around you start to get bigger; wind starts to howl; sun disappears. Your heart skips a beat, the boat turns over

  • Informative Essay On Oregon Shootings

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    Oregon shooting By Dana Ford & Ed Payne, first published October 1, 2015 (updated October 2, 2015) Background Information: The first or more precisely the earliest known shooting to happen in school was on July 26, 1764. There is no way to count all the shootings since this date. That means we don’t have a total number of all rampages in school. But what we do know is, that most of the crazed actions happen in America. The last one happened at 10.38 Thursday morning in Oregon (First October 2015)