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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Vietnam

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    Journal #2 How this essay (Prose) relates to me is Kevin Nguyen This essay relates to me when I went to Vietnam for the first time with my family and cousin. I was really excited that we were going on a vacation to visit my parent's homeland and relatives for the first time. I was around twelve years old and did not know much about the country. The few things I heard from people and friends was Vietnam is a beautiful country and some part is dirty. Once we arrived, stepping out the plane the

  • Informative Essay On Android

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    ABSTRACT Android is the most famous Operating system used in mobiles, tablets, laptops, and also available now in wrist watches. It was created by Google and is based on LINUX kernel. Android is the most widely used OS by cell phone companies so, you can easily buy a cheap phone having android OS. It has the largest App Store containing almost 2.2 Million apps that are free to download and use. The latest API that comes in cell phones is Android 7.1 Nougat. Security is the key thing for any Institution

  • Informative Essay On Firearms

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    Do you feel safe with a firearm? “More than 30 people are shot and murdered each day [in the USA].” Firearms are a tremendously serious matter, since terrorists, psychopathic people and ordinary human beings feel secure with a firearm. Firearms are supposed to be used wisely not unwisely. You must be rational about why it is immoral to own a firearm. We are more likely to increase our own chance of being a victim of a firearm-related homicide or suicide. The quote “Having a gun in the house also

  • Informative Essay On Christian Stereotypes

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    Informative Essay Eng. Comp Theresa Xiong Christianity Stereotypes In a world that operates through the use of media, such as images and advertisements, it is difficult for a person to completely scrutinize what is being manifested to him or her. It takes less than a minute for a person to conclude one’s opinion on a person who he or she met for the first time due to lack of understanding of the stereotypes between non-believers and Christians. To gain an adequate understanding of Christianity stereotypes

  • Feminism American Cinema Analysis

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    on the main aspects that pertain to my essay topic; outlining in detail the media’s traditional portrayal of gender in both film and television, the male gaze as seen in film, the sense of purpose and political debate behind feminist film-making and the dominance of the male power structure within a patriarchal society. In this text, Jill Nelmes doesn’t touch upon any one film as such, in a more broader case-study sense, that I could potentially focus my essay on. But what is quite potentially useful

  • Eldridge Cleaver Soul On Self Analysis

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    A good part of old Korean literature is composed of texts written by aristocrats while their exile. Though their subjects vary from admiration of nature to public servant ethics, they all convey the deepest thoughts the writers had during banishment. It was in a similar context that Eldridge Cleaver said, "That is why I started to write. To save myself" (15). The citation appeared in Soul on Ice, a book finished while he was incarcerated. The motives of writing are usually seen as transmitting ideas

  • Reflection Essay: The Importance Of Enbackment In The Workplace

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    peers, a lot of positive feedback saying they thought my essay was on the right track. I would say I took the most feedback finishing my essay from my classmate Taylor, who gave me good advice on how to step away from the essay for a little while and reflect on how my work can improve. Since I had a hard time choosing my main topic and also revising my own work after writing it, I felt this was very helpful. I always struggle to revise my essays; to me it always looks good, I can read it over and over

  • Competency Assignment Analysis

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    I appreciate your efforts to draft the first part of your competency assignment. You seem to have provided an interesting account of marijuana history and I learned a great deal from what you have presented. With this said, the paper is underdeveloped and requires revisions if you want to do well on the final competency assignment. I have provided copious feedback and suggestions on your draft but will summarize here the main points below. First, your paper would benefit from reorganization

  • Mkt/421 Week 4 Post Card Assignment

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    Postcards are actually well thought out now that I just recently did one. Having color in it seems like a must and it makes it look better. I didn’t even think about the 5 W’s and an H when I read the postcard and now it would makes sense to have them. I chose the two colors because of their color palette. I didn’t want to do too dark because I felt like it would be too much. Since the assignment said have educational tours and something else, I decided to have two or three sentences about the educational

  • Analysis: Violent Media Is Good For Kids

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    Project 1 I found my peers projects to be very well written and engaging. Some of my peers used very descriptive wording which I used in the first paragraph of my project. I found "Violent Media is good for kids" very interesting I love how he made it personal. "Long Overdue: A Reveiw of the Movie Juno" used formal diction meanwhile "Violent Media is Good for Kids" used more informal diction. I think the author of "Violent Media is Good for Kids" chose informal diction because he wanted to connect