Joanna Mackay's Essay: Should Organ Sales Be Legalized?

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Joanna Mackay wrote an interesting and informative essay on why organ sales should be legalized. The author goes through several different reasons and states effective points as to why the government should legalize organ sales and how that would benefit many, many people. One of the opening sentences in Mackay’s essay is, “Governments should not ban the sale of human organs; they should regulate it.” This same paragraph also gives a little bit of background information on the organ sales and sets up what the rest of the essay will be about. This essay was written well and used effective language to get across the point. Mackay used appropriate words for the audience and was trying to make it as easy as possible for the government to understand why this topic is so important. The essay used real examples as to why organ sales should be regulated and gives information about the procedures that have already been completed. For example, she created a story where a person in a low-income family is struggling to eat every day. Then, there is a person with a deadly…show more content…
She creates scenes in the reader’s head by her visual text. Therefore, the impression left on the audience is that organ sales should be regulated because it would benefit all kinds of different people. Mackay also answers important questions in the text that the audience might need to know to further extend their knowledge of the situation. For example, she answered questions like why the trade is illegal, why so many people do it even though it is illegal, and most importantly, why the government should regulate the sale of organs. She also gave numbers to support her opinion. “In the year 2000 alone, 2,583 Americans died while waiting for a kidney transplant.” This was one example in the paper that surprised me and was a true statement and a valid point as to why organ sales should be regulated and

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