Gun Control

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  • Morality In The United States

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    second amendment right. Gun control is immorality and a violation of the constitution. Taking away our second amendment right is immoral. It would be related to sending a soldier in battle without a weapon, his or her protection. Gun control will not punishing people committing the crime, in reality, it is punishing the law abiding citizen. The supporters of gun control believe it is the guns fault, but they do not see the person behind the weapon. Without the person behind the gun, the trigger isn’t

  • The Man Who Was Almost A Man Essay

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    The gun represents to Dave a sense of validation and assertiveness. Although he is down-trodden by everyone in his life, this gun can bring him power. He would be able to show everyone that he was a man to be respected. Unfortunately, the very thing Dave looks to feel a sense of belonging is the same thing that pushes

  • Essay: Why Did Gun Shooting Happen Everywhere?

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    Why did gun shooting happen everywhere? Can you image that a gun shooter could learn how to use the gun from the game? It happened in reality. In 2009, a 17-year-old German rampage shooter Tim Kretschme killed 15 people and himself in his school. The aiming, firing and reloading of a Beretta 92, the hand gun he used, was specifically introduced in the game Far Cry 2 (1). Additionally, one report from FBI illustrated that playing violent video games in a list of behaviors associated with school shootings

  • Pros And Cons Of School Shootings

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    States. Gun control has been a very controversial topic for a while now but after the recent shooting at Parkland High school, the issue has been getting more attention. The number of school shootings has been increasing and some people think this is because of our gun laws. In my opinion we should not ban guns. The second amendment states that we have the right to bear arms. Yet, I do not believe common people in society should have access to military grade guns such and the AR-15, the gun used in

  • Essay On Gun Culture

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    has banned the circulation and the folk trade of firearms in the middle of the last century, whether guns should or can be held by the ordinary people in China remains to be a controversial topic. It is a worth-discussing topic since it is a momentous issue bonded with the society’s security and stability. Some people argues that the ordinary people should appeal for the legal ownership of the guns to protect themselves, while some others insist that the permission of the legalization of firearms

  • Essay On Illegal Immigration

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    Regarding my professional experience, after college I went straight into politics, becoming an attorney. Currently, I am New York’s Senator and am part of the Democratic Party. At the beginning of my political career, in 1974, I was a member of the New York State Assembly. I spent six years in the Assembly and in 1980 I was elected to represent the 9th Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives. In 1998, I ran from the United State’s Senate and won. After Senator Daniel

  • Persuasive Essay On Drug Testing

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    I believe this is a very good thing. We don’t want these types of individuals who show the propensity to commit crimes to be doing drugs. Thus in these instances again I think mandatory drug testing is a wonderful resource to help mitigate and control the risk of repeat offenders. Can you imagine that prior to the late 1980’s this wasn’t mandatory or routinely

  • Declaration Of Independence Research Paper

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    of happiness.” This statement is not true and will never be if the people and government do not fix it. Modern laws do not support the unalienable right of life because of abortion, liberty from immigration, and pursuit of happiness because of gun control. Abortion is one of the largest things in the world that does not support the unalienable right of life. Between six to twenty two weeks is where abortion mainly happens. The reason it starts in six weeks is because that’s when

  • Us Marine Raiders Research Papers

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    Raiders were trained with long hikes, boat and gun operations, and overseas fighting. Most Raiders fight in the war with M1 Garand rifles, Thompson submachine guns, and Browning light machine guns. In the Pacific, the Raiders keep on fight the Japanese till Japan surrender, The Raiders’ fight in the Solomon Islands starting from Makin Island to Bougainville (Hoffman). After

  • Argumentative Essay On School Shooting

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    “At the time, the massacre was the worst high school shooting in U.S. history and prompted a national debate on in control and school safety, as well as a major investigation to determine what motivated the gunmen” ( This massacre was labeled as the worst high school shooting and yet, there was almost nothing done to prevent the next shootings that have happened