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The US Marine Raiders have been around since the US joined the fight in World War 2. The US joined the war in 1942 because of the devastation of Pearl Harbor from the Japanese. After that time, the US Marine Raiders are formed. The Raiders began their history at this time in World War 2 and their actions help the Americans win the war against Japan. " The US Marine Raiders are Marine Elite Forces formed in 1942 to fight the Japanese in the Pacific. They’re the US first combat-ready ground troops in World War 2 to replicate British Commandos and Chinese Guerrillas (Trueman). The Raiders formed as Commandos and Guerrillas because they were formed from both independent forces that begin with the friendship of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Evans F.…show more content…
Raiders were trained with long hikes, boat and gun operations, and overseas fighting. Most Raiders fight in the war with M1 Garand rifles, Thompson submachine guns, and Browning light machine guns. In the Pacific, the Raiders keep on fight the Japanese till Japan surrender, The Raiders’ fight in the Solomon Islands starting from Makin Island to Bougainville (Hoffman). After the Solomon Islands, the Raiders head for Pelilu, then Okinawa. The raid on Makin Island is on August 17, 1942, the Bougainville raid started on November 1, 1943 , the Peleliu raid started on September 15, 1944, and the raid on Okinawa is on May 29, 1945. The Raiders had to clear the Japanese stationed in Peleliu out of the Island to get to Okinawa (Caporale). After Peleliu and in the raid on Okinawa, Operation Iceberg was commenced to seize control of Okinawa and defeat the Japanese at Shuri Castle (Alexander). After three months of the operation, Japan surrendered. " In the entire US Marine Raider Regiment in 1942, the 1st and 2nd Raider Battalions have their own names because of the commanding officers in charge of them. The 1st Raider Battalion, “Edson’s Raiders” were lead by Lieutenant Colonel Merritt Austin “Red Mike”

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