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How arms affect people’s life? Since Chinese government has banned the circulation and the folk trade of firearms in the middle of the last century, whether guns should or can be held by the ordinary people in China remains to be a controversial topic. It is a worth-discussing topic since it is a momentous issue bonded with the society’s security and stability. Some people argues that the ordinary people should appeal for the legal ownership of the guns to protect themselves, while some others insist that the permission of the legalization of firearms can only put people in danger. In this essay, I will discuss this topic based on different countries’ gun culture and will talk about the following aspects: history and thinking inertia, social condition, relevant laws and the masses’ opinions. ⅡCore Issue Whether holding firearms personally…show more content…
Chinese international students: (1) “It isn't legal. The attitude towards the weapons depends on the education.” (2) “Not legal. I feel dangerous if anyone is carrying weapon.” b. British student: “You are allowed guns if you have a license for one. The police usually use non-lethal weapons like tasers and rubber bullets to fight crime but some are allowed real guns like in airports and etc.” c. Thai student: “If you have the license then you can carry the weapon but only in vehicle and etc. But it’s not easy to get license in Thailand. Carrying weapon in my opinion is both positive and negative. You feel safer when you carry one. But if it’s in the wrong hand, then that is negative.” d. Russian student: “In my country it’s not legal. I think if someone is carrying a weapon means that he/she is insecure about what is happening around him, this feeling can be caused by the type of social life and the people around.” e. German student: “Weapons in Germany are only allowed to people who have earned a gun license and those guns may only be in the household if locked. So it’s mostly just hunting guns in Germany.” f. Korean

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