Essay On Illegal Immigration

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Regarding my professional experience, after college I went straight into politics, becoming an attorney. Currently, I am New York’s Senator and am part of the Democratic Party. At the beginning of my political career, in 1974, I was a member of the New York State Assembly. I spent six years in the Assembly and in 1980 I was elected to represent the 9th Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives. In 1998, I ran from the United State’s Senate and won. After Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan retired in 2000, I become New York State’s senior senator. I have been a former democratic at large whip and a member of the United States House of Representative majority policy committee chair. In 2004, I was re-elected to office and gained a seat on the Senate Finance Committee, which handles Social Security, healthcare and the U.S. tax code. In January of 2011 I began my third term and am currently still the Senator of New York. I hope to remain in this position in order to continue bettering and benefitting the state.…show more content…
Immigrants are dreamers and doers, and America is a great nation because we welcome with open arms those who come here to make a better life for themselves and their families. Immigrants are the lifeblood of this country and that's why I have been fighting to ensure a path to citizenship. On September 22, 2015, Kirsten Gillibrand and I announced $1,250,000 in federal grants for organizations throughout New York City through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This federal funding means that organizations in New York City will be able to better prepare these hard-working future Americans for naturalization. I am confident that with this funding, we can help more immigrants work towards becoming U.S. citizens and I will continue to push for funding that gives individuals and families a lifeline toward earned
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