Declaration Of Independence Research Paper

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Is The Declaration of Independence Just? According to the Declaration of Independence, “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed…. With certain alienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This statement is not true and will never be if the people and government do not fix it. Modern laws do not support the unalienable right of life because of abortion, liberty from immigration, and pursuit of happiness because of gun control. Abortion is one of the largest things in the world that does not support the unalienable right of life. Between six to twenty two weeks is where abortion mainly happens. The reason it starts in six weeks is because that’s when…show more content…
There are many people that do not or cannot do what the United States requests you to do to become a U.S. citizen. Some people are not able to pass the test portion of the process because of many reasons. Some reasons may be that the immigrants were not educated enough and cannot complete the test because of its difficulty and another reason is that most immigrants’ first language in the one of their homelands. This creates the struggle of the immigrants first learning the language then taking the test. Another reason is that some religions do not allow their followers to give an oath to anybody or anything and only to their deity. This becomes a hardship for many because the United States is one of the best countries to live in compared to other countries economically. According to CNN, “In 2013 - 990,553 people are granted lawful permanent residence in the United States. Approximately 40% of these "green card" recipients, or LPRs, were born in Asia, while about 32% were born in North America. The top countries of origin are: Mexico (14%), China (7.2%), India (6.9%), Philippines (5.5%), Dominican Republic (4.2%).” This creates the sense of no freedom because of the hardships and countries of where most immigrants come from. We need to stop this before people outside of the United States stop trying to come to the U.S. A way we can improve this is by allowing an
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