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CLASSIFICATION OF ETHICS Ethics is separated into explanatory ethics (which provides the scientific description of what ethics is), normative ethics (which involves both the standard normative ethical theory and also its application to particular disciplines, actions, classes of actions), and meta-ethics (which is about the methods, the meaning and the language of ethics) Nelson, K. A. (2006). • Explanatory Ethics are scientific description of ethics. Sound logic for ethics is presented. These moral standards can be useful to human action to judge their moral nature, that is, whether they are right or wrong. Examples of some of the moral principles are utility, duty, conscience, use of right means for right ends, justice, prudence, and stewardship.…show more content…
Normative standards of moral judgment is applied by business managers to the business decisions they take. The ethical element is part of the integral process of decision making on a business management problem. Business ethics, therefore, deals with the application of normative standards to specific business experiences. The study of business ethics is as essentials for a businessperson as the study of professional norms for a medical practitioner. We expect a doctor to diagnose correctly so that the right medication is given. There are chances that he could diagnose a simple ailment but report it as a serious one in order to exploit the patient financially. Likewise, a client places trust on an executive fort a transition and hopes that the latter does not deceive. Thus, applied ethics is strictly professional…show more content…
A business or society that lacks ethical principles is bound to be unsuccessful eventually. The human resources include several ethical pitfalls that could and can injure a company’s status if not handled in the right way. A vital part of any manager job is to pay close notice to business ethics. Ethics business can create a positive environment in which way to buy and sell. In the long term, there may be problems arising from corruption, poverty, and the lack of respect for the atmosphere when dealing in a business

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