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Economics is a body of wisdom (a science) that has certain theories, values, methods, and assumptions. One particular goal of economists is to understand how to produce goods for society in the most efficient practice and manner. This is achieved by having a well furnished and better understanding of human activities in a market system. Environment is the vital, important and fundamental issue for everyone. Since climate change and global warming of the world is continuing, society demands that business take responsibility to save us from tough heating, extra greenhouse gas, fumy air, extreme rain etc. Our policy makers gave attentiveness on the climate change recently. They also concerned so that to greener environment economy. Economics is the key and a major focusing object for any place of the globe at present,…show more content…
An better understanding of the proposed linkage between Environmental Economics and the National fiscal actions of Bangladesh can only be gained first through a brief review of the concept of sustainable economic development and its relation with environmental concerns. For most of the last couple of hundred years, the environment was largely viewed as external factor to humanity, mostly to be used and exploited, and on the entire the relationship between people and the environment was thought of as humanity’s conquest over nature. The concept of sustainable economic development is the result of growing awareness of the global links between environmental problems, socio-economic issues and concerns about a healthy future for humanity . Developing countries are facing major challenges in balancing the three pillars of sustainable development – economic, environmental, and social objectives – and significant financial resources are necessary to achieve the objectives of sustainable development so consequently the enlistment of domestic resources is one of the major

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