European History

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  • The Consequences Of The Holocaust: The Holocaust

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    an advanced nation that will influence the development of Germany in a bad way. And also, at that time not every European liked the Jews, so at first Hitler’s execution was not a big deal to everyone. The Nazis that Hitler formed were also really powerful that no one would want to go against them, that’s why Hitler killed more and more Jews without getting in any trouble. The Europeans were too late when they finally realized that Hitler was trying to get rid of the entire Jewish population by his

  • Real Madrid Players

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    football. Every player in the World wish to play for Real Madrid. Throughout their history Real Madrid possess the best players on the planet. Such is the greatness and the caliber of the club that there is no shortage of the World-class

  • Guns Germs And Steel Analysis

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    Yali argues of why it was because of the environment advantage for the Europeans to claim land from the Native Americans to go against racial differences that were made. He also argues of how modern Stone Age people were capable of accomplishing more productions for their societies than those industrialized and how New Guineans are more luxurious in living compared to the Americans and Europeans because humans must have history with evidence. Chapter 1: The first stages of humans originated from

  • Women In The 1700s

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    Through European history, women have occupied a back seat in all forms of innovation. During the Protestant Revolution and Enlightenment periods, women were considered subservient to men and lesser beings. Women of the 1700s were not permitted to own property or pursue professions in law, medicine, or education. Through the Reformation and the Enlightenment, the experiences of women in Europe stayed the same in the sense of independence and roles in society, but changed in the senses of increased

  • Western Animation History

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    country to another; each holds different aspects and views even the contents of its animation, for instance, the difference of Western and Eastern European animation. In the Western European hemisphere, which concludes Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Denmark, the art and movement of animation began mostly in the late 1900’s. The history of Western Europe animation has gone through several stages of development and influenced heavily by political and economic issues, cultural difference

  • Joseph Stalin's Marshall Plan

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    goals and ascendancy. Marshall Plan, initially launched on April 3rd, 1948. It was invented to aid European countries after the calamity of War World II. Granting over five billion dollars to European countries was seen in the eyes of Stalin as “...a ploy by Truman. It [was] nothing like Lend-Lease- a different situation. They [didn’t] want to help us. What they [wanted was] to infiltrate European

  • Summary Of The Prague Astronomical Clock

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    There are many different functions and clock times all happening at the simultaneously. The different times on the clock consist of Bohemian time, European Central time, Babylonian time, and Sidereal time. Bohemian time tells time for the Bohemian day. Prague is in the region of the Czech Republic named Bohemia so this time was used long ago in the past. Bohemian time starts at sunset of each day and

  • Ellis Island Analysis

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    Bayor is a professor for history at Georgia Tech, former president of the Immigration and Ethnic History Society, and a founding editor to the Journal of American Ethnic History. Among his nanny books is Encountering Ellis Island: How European Immigrants Entered America. Bayor’s grandparents immigrated through Ellis island. Encountering Ellis Island covers many details of an immigrant’s

  • The Marshall Plan Analysis

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    The Marshal Plan: Critical Comment Tarun Satyakumar (r0608623) International relations and European integration since WWII The Marshall Plan was an initiative of the USA to assist Western European countries recover after World War 2. It is also known as the European Recovery Program and was approved by congress 1948, shortly after Czechoslovakia became communist. The plan lasted 3 years and made available funds worth $13 billion. There have been numerous debates regarding the actual effects of the

  • Ottoman Empire Lessons

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    As a result, new countries and new powers that will influence the course of the history of the twentieth century emerged. The Modern Middle East was part of one of the great empires of the modern era and arises from the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire with its power has played a decisive role in the history of Europe. Some biographer said that the Ottomans were responsible for the European unity. For the Ottomans, cohabitation in Europe and with Europe, whether Christian, capitalist