European History

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  • Female Soccer Player Essay

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    Football overwhelms sports headlines in some of the major countries in the world including almost many European nations such as Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, France, etc. Football is one of the most accessible sports in the world and there is hardly anyone who has not tried out soccer at some

  • Hitler's Motivation For Anti Semitism

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    people may believe that the only reason for Hitler’s anti-Semitism beliefs are caused by the bitter loss from World War 1. The truth is that there are many reasons for the roots of Hitler’s belief in anti-Semitism. Hitler’s Austrian background, European History, and beliefs in Aryan Superiority are the roots of his strong motivation for anti-Semitism. Even in today’s world, the Germans are often blamed for the mass murder of Jews, also known as the Holocaust. Anti-Semitism is the hatred or discrimination

  • Geographical Exploration Impact

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    Impact of Geographical Explorations John Doe History of Trade 547 March 25, 2016 Geographical exploration holds a very important place in the history of Europe and even in the world history. It was due to these discoveries that the world became a smaller place. By the beginning of the 15th century, big ships were built and the magnetic compass was invented. Owing to the geographical exploration and discoveries, Europeans were led to Asia, Africa and America. Thus different results were

  • Slavery In Slavery

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    believe that the more you know about the past, the better you are prepared for the future.” Theodore Roosevelt. Slavery; the practice or system of owning slaves, cannot just be defined as that but as one of the greatest additions to today’s history. When history began to derive, United States was known as colonies of the new world. In approximately c.1600’s , the first African slaves had arrived in the New World right off the coast of Jamestown, Virginia. Any rights or freedoms that were given to

  • Cultural Experience In Culture

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    tastes, customs of various races along hundreds of years moreover , the social experience interfacing western human advancements to eastern ones is clearly in imaginative things and obviously, the workmanship history encourage us to make out that fine arts.

  • The Khoikhoi: The Hottentots

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    Khoikhoi, today known as the Hottentots had lived in Southern Africa since the 5th century. They were given the name Hottentots by the early white settlers, because they found the word/name Khoikhoi difficult to pronounce. Also in addition that the European immigrants labelled the Hottentots, in imitation of the sound of the Khoekhoe language, but this term is today considered offensive by some. The Khoikhoi is also clearly related to the San (Bushmen). To separate themselves from the San who did not

  • African Colonialism In Africa

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    perspectives. Some would argue that Africa’s current situation has a lot to do with its history. Some other would point out the bad management of the continent by its leaders as the true cause of the problem. Other

  • Orientalism And Imperialism

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    acceptable (like 'modernity' or 'culturally progressive', 'civilized' etc.) only if it is in line with the Western perspectives. The objective of acultural theory or Orientalism is derived from this ideology. The West had the Imperial power to define the history of the East or the 'Rest of World'. They used this imperial power or hegemony to show that they are superior to all other cultural groups or civilizations. The imperialist project helped in controlling the narration or recording

  • European Colonisation In Australia

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    European colonisation has had a devastating effect on Indigenous culture in Australia. Centuries ago, the indigenous Australian have already existed in Australia. However, with the European invasion in the 1700s, Aboriginal people have ended up been the victims of the world unnatural to their existence for thousands of years. Things started to change during the late 1700s, the time when colonisation was instigated by Europeans and the British, the indigenous culture in Australia was severely damaged

  • Cultural Prejudice In Jawbreakers

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    If an individual learns of an unacceptable event in the family history caused by external forces, they will likely develop a strong dislike for the people who caused created their problems, no matter who they really are. The  majority of First Nations people have a dislike for European or Caucasian people. The past, as suggested by the story “Jawbreakers”, written by author Donna Kane, offers the opinion that ever since the Europeans colonized other countries, life has become more incredibly difficult