European History

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  • Sarojini Naidu's Role Of Women In National Life

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    sisters that it is not from the government or the co-operation of manhood they will get the force to wipe-off the stain from the history of their country but from the womanhood of India which is suffering from a wrong. She says she is hearing millions of her sons crying ‘let the womanhood of the country wake and work’. She was inspired by the rapid changes in European continent and the reason for the changes to instigate the woman of India also to work towards rapid changes and build a more developed

  • Globalism In Contemporary Art

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    Globalism in Contemporary Art reflects the interconnectedness of the evolving modern world, as it causes the expansion of global perception and understanding of various cultures. Conflict also arises from such interconnectedness as varying cultures and ideas flow into the same medium. Such unity on a global scale creates a conglomeration of the Contemporary Art world resulting in an “identity crisis” Characterised the growing diversity of Contemporary Art spectrum as an “anything goes” mindset.

  • Girls Schooling In The 20th Century

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    During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the interactions between European and Middle Eastern cultures increased dramatically. European merchants, missionaries, and diplomats along with touring students from Istanbul and Cairo to places such as Paris and London had a significant part in this cultural encounter. Two main countries, Britain and France, demonstrated superior power in military, political, and economic stability over Middle Eastern culture. As the Ottoman and Egyptian empires

  • Knights Are Better Than Samurais In The Middle Ages

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    greatest power over their country? These question will each relate ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬on each paragraph on facts and information. What, who and which are three main question starts on which middle Ages army / Knights and Samurai affects the community and the history of the world. Body Argument 1: The beginning of the medieval Europe is called the Dark Ages, because the nations of Roman and Greece had been conquered by the Germanic people. The end of the medieval Europe started about 14 centuries

  • Slavery In Colonial America

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    African slaves to the American colonies then taking the slaves through the middle passage across the Atlantic to sell them in the west indies and North America. In the early 15th century European traders started to sell slaves. They charged into towns to capture Africans. Some Africans captured in wars were sold to European traders by other Africans.The biggest effect the trade had on West Africa was a huge decrease in their population of people getting captured or traded into slavery. Below is a picture

  • The American Dream In Jeremy Rifkin's 'The European Dream'

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    Almost ten years ago acclaimed American author Jeremy Rifkin published a book titled ‘The European Dream’ and with that he coined the term itself. It is not a widely used term unlike the American dream, from which it seems to have drawn inspiration. Through Rifkin’s book (2014) the term can be defined as an antithesis to the American dream. The American dream holds individualistic ideals and is based around the notion of every individual receiving in an equal opportunity in America to realize their

  • Southeast Asia Imperialism

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    those companies, the British East India Company, took interest in Malaysia and founded a settlement in one of its islands. Through rapid industrialization by the Industrial Revolution, by the end of the 19th century, Southeast Asia saw a surge in European colonization, after the United States gained interest in colonizing the Philippines. Almost all of the Southeast Asian countries were colonized, save for Thailand. The British Colonization of Myanmar (Burma) Before the invasion of the British, Burma

  • Dayanada And Arya Saaj Analysis

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    influenced by the speculated historical elements which were imposed upon our history by foreigners. Swamiji did not really take this view of Arya in any of his writings—Editor) and it was exactly in those districts

  • Essay On Greek Culture

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    Before traveling to Greece, one must familiarize themselves with the culture, history, and food in order to navigate the culture efficiently. As I packed for my trip to Greece last week, I realized that I knew nothing about these three key things. I tried to search on Google, but did not get anywhere with that. The culture, history, and food have continued to change and thrive in Greece. [Add more] The culture of Greece includes the foundation of the language, gender-roles, and religious practices

  • Indian Medieval History

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    relation of medieval with India term is concerned, this term was introduced to India during the colonial encounter, before that, medieval was not known to India. In our national language medieval is Madhyakalan. Introduction of medieval in South Asian history is clearly an adoption of western historical writings because of a simple reason that the term ‘medieval’ is not an South Asian term. As far as placement of the term Medieval in