Holocaust Museum Vs Ground Zero Essay

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Tammy Amornkasemwong Outline Question: Holocaust Museum vs. Ground Zero How does history influence the work of Daniel Libeskind today? Introduction: With the rapid growth of building development, and the increasing rate of land scarcity, new developers are interested in investing new repurposed building projects. However, without being conscious of the buildings’ original context, many redeveloped (do you mean new buildings or re-developed old buildings? Not clear) buildings today lose their identity due to lack of conceptual clarity…? Following World War II, Europe was facing a lack of housing for many war victims whose houses were destroyed by bomb raids. Supplying these housing demands, Le Corbusier created Unit d’ Habitation, large communal residences, in Marseilles, France (http://www.archdaily.com/88704/ad-classics-corbusierhaus-le-corbusier/). Replications of similar building to the Unit d’ Habitation were built throughout Europe, this includes the Corbusierhaus in Berlin, Germany. With this mass production of constructions, replicated buildings ended up losing their identity and conceptual expression (did they lose identity and conceptual…show more content…
most impressive? Worst?) examples of the reflection of history through design of architectures. The museum was completed in 1999 in Berlin as an extension to the Berlin Museum. However, the Jewish Museum is not just considered as a building extension of the Berlin Museum, but also extensions to both Berlin’s history and Jewish history, as a baroque old building and the new deconstructive building interlocks with one another. Through implementing the vertical and spiritual dimension of Jewish participation in the holocaust in Berlin with the design of the building, Daniel Libeskind was able to create conceptually expressive tool representing the Jewish lifestyle before, during, and after the holocaust (Book citations: Jewish museum Berlin – Daniel

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