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  • Southeast Asia Imperialism

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    those companies, the British East India Company, took interest in Malaysia and founded a settlement in one of its islands. Through rapid industrialization by the Industrial Revolution, by the end of the 19th century, Southeast Asia saw a surge in European colonization, after the United States gained interest in colonizing the Philippines. Almost all of the Southeast Asian countries were colonized, save for Thailand. The British Colonization of Myanmar (Burma) Before the invasion of the British, Burma

  • Essay On Greek Culture

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    Before traveling to Greece, one must familiarize themselves with the culture, history, and food in order to navigate the culture efficiently. As I packed for my trip to Greece last week, I realized that I knew nothing about these three key things. I tried to search on Google, but did not get anywhere with that. The culture, history, and food have continued to change and thrive in Greece. [Add more] The culture of Greece includes the foundation of the language, gender-roles, and religious practices

  • Indian Medieval History

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    relation of medieval with India term is concerned, this term was introduced to India during the colonial encounter, before that, medieval was not known to India. In our national language medieval is Madhyakalan. Introduction of medieval in South Asian history is clearly an adoption of western historical writings because of a simple reason that the term ‘medieval’ is not an South Asian term. As far as placement of the term Medieval in

  • Technology During The Industrial Revolution Essay

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    inventions by means of making large amounts of money and prestige for themselves and their families. Many advances were made to the land, sea and logistical branches of the European militaries during the Industrial revolution. Military practices had not changed in the 200 years prior to the onset of the

  • Essay On Serial Slavery

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    Indentured Servants into Racial Slavery The beginning of the consequential series of events that eventually lead to one of the worst treatments one man can inflict on another man, was chattel slavery. Chattel slavery was when a man or woman’s dignity was completely taken from them. This was done by the taking of their original name and given a new extremely literal one like “Slave” or “Property”. They were legally owned. They could be purchased, sold, and even inherited. Forced to leave families

  • The Importance Of Canadian Literature

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    encouraging them to promote along with establishing more Canadian writing. Due to Canada's proximity to the United States of America, Canadians are often swamped by the surrounding American culture. Unfortunately, this is relatively common in Canadian history as Canada has always been a "branch plant" of another country; starting with England and France. Canada being a "branch plant" is unfortunate as Canadian culture has not been able to develop. Likewise, being under the thumb of other powerful cultures

  • Art And Science: The Relationship Between Science And Art

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    come together(the laboratory and studio). Artists, like scientists, study materials, people, culture, history, religion, mythology and learn to transform information into something else. In ancient Greece, the word for art was techne, from which technique and technology are derived terms that are aptly applied to both scientific and artistic practices. Art and Scientific Investigation in Early-European Art Leonardo da Vinci, painter and draftsman of the High Renaissance, is best known as an artist whose

  • Importance Of Migration Policy

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    documents. Legal regulation of migration of EU citizens is of great importance in the structure of EU law. Freedom of people movement is regarded as an element of the common market, an area of freedom, security and justice, a common consequence of European citizenship. It includes regulation of issues such as staying (living) of EU citizens in the territory of the Union, movement of workers, including warning about the new members, and family

  • Island Tourism Analysis

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    Postcolonial Nations, Islands, and Tourism examines how real and literary islands have helped to shape the idea of the nation in a postcolonial world. Through an analysis of a variety of texts ranging from literature to prison correspondence to tourist questionnaires it exposes the ways in which nationalism relies on fictions of insularity and intactness, which the island and island tourism appear to provide. The island space seems to offer the ideal replica of the nation, and tourist practices promise

  • Essay On Celtic Language

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    area of Europe, from Britain to Asia Minor in Roman and pre-Roman times. Celtic, which is a branch of the Indo-European language family, is subdivided into Continental Celtic and Insular Celtic. The four Continental languages of which there is evidence are Gaulish, Celtiberian, Galatian and Lepontic. Nonetheless, MacAulay observes that Celtic language “appears to have died out on the European continent by AD 500” (2). Whereas, Insular Celtic, in British Isles survived. MacAulay asserts that “within