European History

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  • Real Madrid Research Paper

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    are the biggest club on the football scene. Throughout their history, Real Madrid possesses the best players on the planet. Such is the greatness and the caliber of the club that there is no shortage of the World-class talent at Real Madrid. Real Madrid is known for their attacking game-play and counter attacking the football. The Spanish side is the best Counter-attacking

  • Changes In The Renaissance

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    All countries, civilizations, empires, and cities have gone through times of change where religion infrastructure, rules, and government are influenced. In the case of the Western European Catholic Kingdoms they had many long periods of extreme change. However, before these changes took place society was very organized and influenced mainly by the ideas of the Catholic Church and Pope. During the 1300’s Western Europe faced many threats of invasion from Vikings, Muslims, and Magyars. In order to

  • Pepper Trade Analysis

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    Indian Ocean of Indian textile got accelerated by the European traders as the Dutch East India company (VOC) arrived. It was only the VOC, among all other European enterprises from the corporate world, who got engaged in the so much large-scale trade in intra-Asian region- this was also nothing but one of the strategic part of the Dutch. Naturally, it was the Indian textile which helped to crystallize this whole scenario. Like every other European companies VOC also was with the main aim to procure

  • Sword In The Medieval Era

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    mostly concentrated on the Islamic and European country only. Research Questions 1. Does “Islamic” constitute a true category of arms and armor? 2. What are the differences and similarities between Islamic and European swords in the medieval era? 3. Are the weapon made in that era took on form over function or vice versa? 4. How and what influence the development of the swords over time? Aims 1. Study the arts of arms and armor of the Islamic and European Research Context (Literature Review)

  • How Did Egypt Affect Europe History

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    Although Egypt's effect on European history dates back more than 5000 years, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, it was still a impossible to understand and unknown place to Europeans. One reason was that Egypt was Muslim and Europe was Christian, and the poison produce by the Crusades and subsequent wars hindered open communication. Another reason was that most information of ancient Egyptian society had been lost some time before the Greeks settled the coast, so even though many people

  • The Industrial Revolution: The Impact Of The Industrial Revolution

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    course of history people have changed the manufacturing process dramatically. Instead of items being produced by hand, the owners of the facilities created ways to have machines produce the items("thomasnet." ). This change in production. Before the change of manufacturing, children use to work in factories, instead of being in schools studying, that’s called child labour. The maxim gun was a huge change during Industrial revolution, and impacted pre-imperialism. By the 19th century, Europeans gun technology

  • The Relationship Between Orientalism And The East

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    Also Said divided Orientalism into two groups which are “latent and manifest Orientalism.” Nineteenth century scholars were mostly interested in Manifest Orientalism which is things we can observe about the Orient like language, literature, art, history. Most nineteenth century scholars saw Orient as backward, degenerate and weird. Because of this thought nineteenth century scholars saw Orient as a place requires attention of the West. The Orient was inefficient to represent itself so the West should

  • Modernity Analysis

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    trading and building, even that so, some of these societies produced marvellous engineering wonders. There even came a point where Europeans started trading with these brutes for things but back home in Europe all of the stories were interpreted the same way which described these people as hostile. Because the natives were everything but what they were not was ‚Europeans‘ (Hall,

  • Themes Of The Manifest Destiny

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    expand, so that there are enough land to support this population of yeomen. The westward expansion is define as the themes of 19th-century American history. The American of European descent feel so compelled to expand the country westward because it offered a better life for the emigrants and also for the emigrant’s families. People from the European were poor when they arrived in the United States and mostly doing manual

  • African Imperialism In Africa

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    in 1884-1885, European countries such as Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy all decided that Africa should be divided into territories. No African leaders were informed of this, making Africans unaware that Imperialism was about to strike and take 90% of Africa’s independence away. Some African leaders, such as Menelik II, wanted to negotiate rather than to fight against the Europeans. Other African leaders, such as Prempeh I and Ndasni Kumalo, went to war with the Europeans. With Imperialism