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Ira Basen, a journalist and radio producer, produced a radio show for CBC radio called “Spin cycles: the spin, Spinners and the Spun”. This radio show has six parts and tit was first aired in 2007 on The Sunday edition The Spin cycle is simply about how the people with authority manipulate facts in order to convince the public. Basen believes that in order to serve the public (especially in spin) one simply would what the public simply wants to hear. He tries to prove the point that there is a difference between what politicians, Journalists and Public relations people say to the public. Basen explains the history of PR, what people thought about Public relations and their strategy of attracting the public. He described the press as those who would find out things and then deliver “the truth” to the public in order to decide. Journalists believe that Public relations is evil but instead in public relations you persuade people in order to prove your main point because it is based on fact, logic and truth not ‘lies’. Basen emphasized the presence of “ethics” in public relations. From all the information he gathered from Edward Bernays, Ivy…show more content…
To be involved in PR, one has to have ethics, and I truly believe public relations people support consumer protection and not just to lead the public astray for their best interest. Although “perception matters more than reality” public relations try as much as possible to avoid crisis, therefore, they involve “ethics”. When it comes to politics, people do and say things for their best interest. Basen believes that “ People did not really say what they really thought, they said what made them look good” (Basen, 2007). This means that, in politics, its just perception that matters, and what they need to tell the public to believe

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