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  • How Did Napoleon Bonaparte Rise To Power

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    Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the best leaders throughout the French history who took over most of Europe in the early 1800s and was known for his brilliance. He was born on August 15, 1769, in Ajaccio, on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. He quickly rose through the ranks of the military during the French Revolution and became the hero of the hour. During his military expedition in Egypt, a French soldier named Pierre Francois Bouchard found the Rosetta Stone, which provided the key to know the

  • Indian Education In India

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    CHAPTER - I INTRODUCTION “History has come to a stage when the moral man, the complete man, is more and more giving way, almost without knowing it, to make room for the commercial man, the man of limited purpose. This process aided by the wonderful progress in science, is assuming gigantic proportion and power causing the upset of man’s moral balance, obscuring his human side under the shadow of soul-less organization.”- Rabindranath Tagore, Nationalism, 1917. Aristotle felt that the purpose of

  • The Bargaining Model Of War

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    War is a condition or a state of armed conflict between different communities or nations. Among its features is death rate, the distraction of property and aggression with the use of regular or irregular military forces which are heavily armed. An absence of war is normally referred to as peace. It has been argued that war arises from socio-cultural and economic factors.Other arguments state that war arises from universal and ancestral aspects of humankind’s nature and life (Doyle, 1997). Wars

  • Needham's Contribution To The Scientific Revolution In The 17th Century

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    The Needham Question that ponders on why China had been overtaken by the West in terms of science and technology concerning natural phenomena despite its earlier predominance, is widely studied. Philosophical reflection in the west had ultimately led to the scientific revolution in the 17th Century, however, Joseph Needham and many others who attempted to answer this question had agreed that scientific revolution never occurred in traditional China. This question leads us to trace back to the intrinsic

  • English As An Indo-English Language

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    English is power “ Power to control” language is influential authority of the most powerful nation, “Latin is an Indo-European language. Have a genetic relationship of large numbers of similarities both in vocabulary and grammar with Greek, Russian, Dutch, Farsi, English and many other ancient languages.” It is the mother of all languages. It was spoken mainly in Rome and in the plain of Latium in the 6th or 7th century B.C. and carried around the world to be the language of the Civilization by

  • The Importance Of The Industrial Revolution

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    The Industrial Revolution was a period of time between the 18th and 19th century in which communities throughout England turned urban due to a surplus of supplies. People began leaving their farms to go work in factories in the city. Throughout this time period, many technological, medical and industrial advances occurred. The Industrial Revolution created more stability than instability because without this revolution the technology and medicine we know and use today would not exist. Inventors like

  • Essay On Negative Effects Of Technology

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    Although technology has contributed to western society, it has become detrimental due to the invention of the internet, which in turn has caused excessive usage. Iacovelli, Anthony, and Stavros, Valenti. “Internet Addiction’s Effect on Likeability and Rapport.” Computers in Human Behavior 25.2 (2009): 439-43. Print. This article talks about how the internet affects communication skills among people, and how the internet can be detrimental to people’s social skills. Moreover, it compares internet

  • Spiritual And Death In Ezekiel's A Time To Change

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    The first poem in Ezekiel’s first volume published in 1952, A Time to Change is a remarkable poem. The poem is built upon the journey and quest motifs. The poem, partly a lament and partly a prayer, continually hovers around the basic concerns of the poet: moral conduct, spiritual redemption, the desires of the body and the claims of the soul. It begins with a question and ends with a sense of certainty, assurance, and hope. The poem in this sense symbolizes the poet’s spiritual journey from doubt

  • The Atlantic Slave Trade

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    the time period from the 1400’s to the end of the 19th century. The trafficking of Africans was run by the major European countries. The Atlantic Slave Trade is sometimes referred to as the “Great Disaster”. The brutal trade spurred by a strong demand for labor on plantations in the Americas. Eventually, it became an integral part of an international trading system in which Europeans and North Americans, exchanged merchandise for human shipments along Africa’s western and west central Atlantic coasts

  • Reflective Reflection In The Classroom

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    As to me, I think the module video presents a variety of skills and concepts that help teachers in creating a well-managed and effective classroom that provides an environment in which teaching and learning escalate by setting clear and well-organized classroom rules and procedures. An effective learning can be maximized in a secure learning climate, where the teacher and her students feel comfortable. It is very beneficial that both, the teacher and the students must be encouraged and motivated;