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A region or a landscape can have a great impact on us. Symbolism and repetition are clearly used to help to portray the message of the story. Symbolism is used to show the time period and the region they were living in, which represents unfeeling and unforgiving. Repetition comes to use when the author Albert Camus wanted to emphasize on a certain thing, which might lead to the main idea of the story. In the article The Guest by Albert Camus the main character Daru: who is a teacher, faces physical isolation. The atmosphere you are surrounded by can affect the actions you take. Symbolism is used to create the feel of the atmosphere. Like in the story Albert Camus have said “On the four rivers of France drawn with four different colored chalks”(Camus 114) to create a feel of isolation from the land. Words like “Drought” and “desert” symbolize sorrow and sadness. It shows a sense of…show more content…
The drawing on the blackboard doesn't just represent some pointless lines; it puts the emphasis on symbolizing French colonialism. It shows that for French learning about the rivers of France are far more important to the children of Algeria than learning about the geography of the own country. The story takes place in the early 1950s on a desolate plateau in the Atlas Mountains of Algeria after a blizzard. He manages his existential feelings of alienation by living near the place where he was born and carrying out his duties with compassion. (93) Daru is citizen of France and resident of Algeria. Siding with either country in a time of upheaval would single him out for retaliation. Also mentioned “Not everyone sees Daru as successful or a hero” symbolizes the corruption and brutally of that time period. Many think of Daru’s isolation as a weakness by his loneliness. He has no next-door neighbors. There are no taverns, theaters, or markets

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