Millennium Drought In Australia Essay

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Introduction In the modern day world, an event can be described as ‘something that happens or is regarded as happening, especially one of importance’. An event of the past is important, because every event of the past repeats itself, hence, knowing the impacts of an event of the past, lets the community to prepare for an event in the future. The aim of this research paper is to research any 4 major news stories of the last 55 years in South Australia. The 4 major events that have occurred in the last 55 years in the history of Australia and South Australia are - The Millennium Drought In the modern day society, droughts have become one of the most growing weather phenomenon to have a serious impact on the people of Australia and around the…show more content…
The Millennium Drought began in the late 1997’s and continued in various states of Australia until early 2012. This drought had huge economical and environmental impacts within South Australia. According to the Water Resource Research centre of South Australia “ Drought Impacts Particularly severely hit by the Millennium Drought were river ecosystems and irrigated and dryland agriculture in Victoria, South Australia and the Murray-Darling Basin (MDB), Australia’s largest river system. Drought also contributed to the enforcement of water restrictions in most major cities, to increased electricity prices, and to major bushfire events in 2003 and 2009. At a global scale, Australia’s drought was the main cause of an apparent reversal in water cycle intensification observed in previous years, raising questions about the likelihood of further intensification in future. Droughts and their impacts can be categorized as meteorological, hydrological, agricultural, and socioeconomic the contributions of climate change, water management, and other natural or human factors to these impacts need to be understood to guide our expectations about, and response to, future droughts. For example, if some part of drought impacts can be attributed to global warming, more frequent and more severe events may be expected in future.

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