History Of Entrepreneurship

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Introduction Entrepreneurship is a big buzz word today. People are very much interested to do some work in this domain, be it academic, professional or research. An entrepreneur in simple words is defined as a person who starts something of his own with certain personality traits associated like passionate, perseverant, and enthusiastic and get goer. An entrepreneur is sometimes called the force which drives social and economic progress. Most of the people have this misconception that entrepreneurs are born and not made. But we have many examples which shows how many hardships have people faced before becoming a successful entrepreneur. We have entrepreneurs like Warren Buffet and the famous Mark Zuckerberg who invented Facebook. Each of them…show more content…
He is the founder and Chief Execution Officer of HomeCorp Group. Talking about his voyage, this enthusiastic tycoon started his journey in the field of business at the age of 17, when he established a mobile phone chain named as Crazy Ron’s in Queensland. The famous property group HomeCorp was founded by him in 2004. HomeCorp is a private urban development company headquartered on the Gold Coast, Queensland. HomeCorp began as a company delivering small home and land projects to Australian property investors and has grown to achieve over $595 million in accumulated sales since launch across 15 projects. The company has been considered successful, despite Australia property development slowing down during the financial crisis of 2007–08, with Bakir attributing constant growth due to HomeCorp's extensive market research. HomeCorp has delivered projects in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Queensland. For over 10 years Ron Bakir has led an extremely talented team of industry professionals; creating one of Queensland’s most dynamic and fastest-growing land development…show more content…
His natural talent and business sense has allowed him to recognize a great investment when he sees one, which has helped him grow into one of the most successful business owners in a highly competitive market. Bakir was awarded the Gold Coast Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2013 for his leadership of the HomeCorp Property Group. The awards are judged by Business News Publications and aims to recognize young business owners operating in the Gold Coast region aged 40 or under. Bakir epitomizes the never-say-die attitude of our young entrepreneurs as he continues to build his business with a renewed focus on the Gold Coast market next year. In 2013, Rockhampton Regional Council approved plans for 950 residential lots in the community currently known as the ‘Pineapple Patch', with HomeCorp announcing a $500 million community in the location. A true believer in a better future, Ron Bakir has always supported the cause of the underprivileged. As the son of a migrant family, Ron has lived what it means to start from scratch. Ron’s work has taken him into places all over Australia and the world. The insatiable pursuit of achieving the impossible drives Ron’s passion for better places. Shown keenly in the strong and steady growth of HomeCorp over the last 10

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