Book Review: Social Entrepreneurship For Dummies

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Social Entrepreneurship Book Review: Social Entrepreneurship for Dummies The book to be reviewed will be Social Entrepreneurship for Dummies. The authors of the book are Mark B. Diurex, PhD and Robert A. Stebbins, PhD. Mark B. Diurex is an applied and a clinical sociologist. He teaches and consults with community groups and public concerning social entrepreneurship. He teaches sociology classes at a university level. He collaborates with well-respected academic colleagues in developing social statistics and research methods to social psychology and leisure. Robert A. Stebbins is a professor who teaches Sociology at University of Calgary. He helped in establishing two social enterprises and even became a board of director in the enterprises.…show more content…
in New Jersey. The Wiley Publishing, Inc. provides relevant information through research materials for the professionals and students. This book is for the aspiring social entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world but is clueless on which part to start. If the book would be read the reader would learn how to have social responsibility in his business. Since the Triple Bottom line is present in businesses nowadays, the performance of an enterprise is not only measured through profit but also in the environmental and social impact of the enterprise. Just like a for-profit entrepreneur this would also need the passion of the social entrepreneur because it will be the motivation to start a social business. This book will help the entrepreneur to master the skills needed to change a problem and provide solutions using the thriving business tools. The book is helping the individual from making a business plan up to implementation.…show more content…
If there is an entrepreneurial mindset for for-profit entrepreneurs then this book is also preparing the mindset of the social entrepreneur. The book gave 3 essential elements: motivation, organization and society. Since being motivated in solving a social problem can have a long term effect and it can also be determine the success of an enterprise. Social entrepreneurship is organization because starting up a business needs thorough planning, organizing and leading. Social entrepreneurship is society because you do not only deal with your partner community but also with the other social enterprises, leaders and employees. Trends are also important in establishing a social enterprise because this can help in the planning process so that the business would be sustainable and successful in the long-run. Trends can be reviewed so that the enterprise could establish a competitive advantage which could help in competing

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