The Importance Of Being An Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs usually is someone who dare to take risks with very extreme level. This can be proven when they chose the path to becoming an entrepreneur, because it makes them full of challenges, problems and uncertainty in their life. Extreme risks taken would have to be measured properly, if not it will be a catastrophe in the future. As an entrepreneur, whether you are an extreme risk taker or someone who is reckless? I have bitter experience when I decided to get out of where I work before. Previously I worked in one of the steel mill. I decided to quit job and start a business. I thought, start a business just with capital and some ideas on my brain enough. At that time, I have enough savings to start a culinary business. I immediately tried to…show more content…
When it happens, the presentation would be very small and there are some unexpected factors such as customers who are very interested in unique culinary, simple presentation, low prices etc. I realized, decision that I took was a reckless decision, not a decision to take risk. From this incident, I took a few lessons about the difference between extreme risk taking and reckless. Here some things that distinguishes between extreme risk taking and reckless. Impulsive Conscience is very good to follow if you already have a lot of experience and a long journey. Experiences you earned will form a good intuition. As a beginner entrepreneur and just want to set up businesses, following conscience is reckless decision. Following it will just missed some important research on the business you founded. By following it, entrepreneur will only make many assumptions that are not valid and contrary to the reality. Extreme risk takers will use his thoughts before they follow their conscience. Their mind will help them to consider every aspects before taking risk. Utilizing right

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