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Business Management as a science inludes how an organisation works in a constantly changing business environment. The key to analysing a business in a changing business environment is finding out its purpose and evaluating it’s perfomance against that purpose. In this document are the goals,mission, vision and objectives, business environment and other tools such as the SWOT analysis that will help evaluate and analyse the business. This assignment is based on chapters 1 to 4 of the Business Management course. DISCUSSION I, as a Business Management student have identified a local business from my community and used the skills I have learned in the course so far to create a profile for this business. One very important business aspect especially…show more content…
I developed a questionnaire and interviewed the one store manager of the business I identified. The method of choosing who to interview was not random as I chose the highest management in this store considering they know a whole lot more than anyone in the store. The information extracted from the responses is used to come up with an analysis of the internal strength and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats of the business and also to create the profile of the business in the second part of this assignment. CONCLUSION With all the gathered information, I shall asses the organisation and reach a conclusion of whether it is doing bad or good. BUSINESS ENTITTY INFORMATION Name of entity: Fontana Spar Ghandi…show more content…
This store is part of Fontana Holdings which owns a lot of other entities in South Africa including Fontana bakery, Fontana Inn and others. It mainly consists of Spar store similar to this one in Ghandi Square. This store evolved from being a Kwikspar, which is a smaller version of the current existing store, into a Superspar on 25th November 2010. This store is a franchise store owned by Dario Alfetra who owns eight other similar stores in the Gauteng province, head office for these group of stores is in Sandton, Johannesburg. As one of the main objectives of this assignment is to highlight the importance of entrpreneurship to an economy of a country, the importance of franchisors and franchisees as entrepreneurs shall now be discussed: A franshisor serves as an entrepreneur as they expand their businesses by selling businesses to other entrpreneurs, the franchisees. The more businesses that emerge in the country, the more the economy grows as rate of unemployment decreases and more tax is received by the South African Revenue Servies, in turn the country becomes more developed in terms of infrastucture, tourism and other

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