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  • The Long Song Analysis

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    in Andrea Levy’s reflecting essay “The writing of The long song”, publicised in 2010. In the essay we hear how Andrea Levy got her motivation and inspiration to her book “The long song”. She stumbles upon the idea, when she hears a young woman asking; how she could be proud of her ancestors, when they had been slaves? Levy finds this to be an interesting question, given that her own ancestors were Caribbean slaves. Andrea Levy uses a circular composition in this essay. She wants us to feel and realize

  • Describe The Writing Process

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    The writing process requires a lot of thought and time devoted to it. Having to write an essay almost every week can feel like when many people are talking to you at once and you don’t know who to listen to, it’s overwhelming. When looking back into my past writing experiences, the one that immediately comes to my head would be when I had to write an essay talking about a cause that we wanted to contribute to and how we were going to do it. I would have been just fine if my teacher hadn’t said we

  • The Changing Face Of Literacy Summary

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    books. This essay was written for the programming magazine for TVOntario. Throughout his essay the writer expressed multiple tones, rhetorical modes, facts and options and the essay also contained bias, prejudice and stereotypes. The writer uses various tones in the essay to effectively communicate the writer’s feelings about the change of literacy. The tones that are used in the essay where compassionate, mournful and somewhat grim. The author shows a compassionate tone throughout the essay for literately

  • Personal Narrative: Improving Grammar Skills

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    During my first few weeks at college, I was grateful that my professor made us write a practice essay and she personally read my essay. I was grateful because she notice my mistakes and gave me great suggestions on how to improve my writing. When she told me what my weakness were it gave me a great chance to strength my writing skills by looking at my weakness. I need to improve on different areas such as grammar and how to be creative in my writing. I think the best solution to improve my grammar

  • Reflective Essay: My Literacy Writing Process

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    When we got this assignment, I was originally planning on doing an essay format, and if I’m being completely honest its because the header takes up more page space. But I went to the writing center, and with my tutor’s suggestion and some more thought on the matter, I feel like the looser formatting of a letter would give me the freedom I would like to accurately communicate to you exactly what I got out of this making portfolio. I’m striving to be straightforward and introspective, and I figure

  • Tom Hank I Owe It All To Community College

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    In this reader response assignment, of the actor Tom Hanks’ article in the New York Times Opinion Pages by Tom Hanks, an argument whether the article is or is not an academic writing will be established. The editorial titled “Tom Hanks: I Owe It All to Community College” is considered, I disagree; it should not be considered an academic writing and as the following paragraphs will explain a few reasons why. Tom Hanks is sporadic in his thoughts and ideas. His thoughts jump from paragraph to paragraph

  • Reflection Of My Writing Project

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    The amount of time and effort this assignment took was two days of hard work. As I looked over the requirements of each part, I thought the whole project could be done in one sitting. Although, I didn’t wait last minute to start this paper, I definitely misjudged the quantity of work that was required. I kept thinking to myself that I could just write four pages, which was the minimum, and call it a day. After I summarized Birk and Birk in part B, I still needed to explain slant of facts, slant of

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Vietnam

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    Journal #2 How this essay (Prose) relates to me is Kevin Nguyen This essay relates to me when I went to Vietnam for the first time with my family and cousin. I was really excited that we were going on a vacation to visit my parent's homeland and relatives for the first time. I was around twelve years old and did not know much about the country. The few things I heard from people and friends was Vietnam is a beautiful country and some part is dirty. Once we arrived, stepping out the plane the

  • Amy Tan Assignment

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    Lee Harrison ENGL 1301, Tuesday, 3:30 pm (Purple) 13 Sept. 2014 Assignment, Essay 1 Amy Tan, she is a writer who love languages and that’s the tool of her trade. She knows the power of language and the way a language can express different variety of emotions, ideas etc. she states that there are different types of English that people use in a multicultural society but people generally don’t realize this fact, in this essay her main focus was on her mother and the way her mother face the world and

  • Summary Of Letters To A Young Therapist By Mary Pipher

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    Abstract This paper is a critique of Letters to a Young Therapist , by Mary Pipher. This book was published in 2003. This book consists of a series of letters meant to guide young therapists in the craft of clinical psychology. Pipher shares what she has learned in her years as a clinician in the hopes that it will assist the recipient of the letters, a young graduate student named Laura. A Critique of Letters to a Young Therapist Mary Pipher’s book, Letters to a Young