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Jibran Samad Professor Lee Harrison ENGL 1301, Tuesday, 3:30 pm (Purple) 13 Sept. 2014 Assignment, Essay 1 Amy Tan, she is a writer who love languages and that’s the tool of her trade. She knows the power of language and the way a language can express different variety of emotions, ideas etc. she states that there are different types of English that people use in a multicultural society but people generally don’t realize this fact, in this essay her main focus was on her mother and the way her mother face the world and how that effect her as a daughter she said that her mother had a difficult time communicating to the norm of English speakers, because the way she speaks is thought to be illiterate or of some type of ignorance. She has to help her mother by talking to different people and getting her work done by faking and switching role with her mother. She describes her mother English as “broken” or ”fractured” even though she doesn’t want to give it that title but she has no other word to say. She expresses that she was ashamed of her mother’s English…show more content…
I totally agree with the material covered by “Amy tan” because I could relate her problem with my life too and its very true that parents usually finds it difficult to gear up with the new world and to get used to of the new language and lifestyle. .I have similar opinion for the text written by Richard Rodriguez but at the same point I totally disagree with the writer because he somehow conveying a message that by learning “public language”(English) one forgets his/her native language and this is not true because I have seen many people in my own community who are born in America speaks accurate English but they are carrying their native language with them and they face no criticism in their family because they are doing justice with both the
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