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The amount of time and effort this assignment took was two days of hard work. As I looked over the requirements of each part, I thought the whole project could be done in one sitting. Although, I didn’t wait last minute to start this paper, I definitely misjudged the quantity of work that was required. I kept thinking to myself that I could just write four pages, which was the minimum, and call it a day. After I summarized Birk and Birk in part B, I still needed to explain slant of facts, slant of emphasis, and slant using charged language. Also, when I analyzed the given samples online I began to worry because portion B was such a significant section of the project. As I wrapped up the segment evidence of slant I was over four pages. I’ve come to realize that…show more content…
I say that because why would anyone want to settle for less? Why not exceed the limit? I’d rather spend my time trying to make the first draft excellent than stressing out the second time around. Summarizing the news article I selected and giving background information about Birk and Birk’s article was my biggest strength in this project. In order to create the summary, I made sure to mark the text to get a better understanding. Science includes a ton of material and it seemed to me that the article left out many ideas. I realize there’s only so much that can be placed into an article, but after I annotated, the main points appeared much clearer than before. When I started part B, I looked through the article to find possible quotes, terms, and valuable data for each mechanism of slant. For negative slanting of facts the text was highlighted in orange, emphasis on emotion was highlighted in blue, and negative charged language was highlighted in yellow. By highlighting every section it was easy to refer back to the

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