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  • Competency Assignment Analysis

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    I appreciate your efforts to draft the first part of your competency assignment. You seem to have provided an interesting account of marijuana history and I learned a great deal from what you have presented. With this said, the paper is underdeveloped and requires revisions if you want to do well on the final competency assignment. I have provided copious feedback and suggestions on your draft but will summarize here the main points below. First, your paper would benefit from reorganization

  • Mkt/421 Week 4 Post Card Assignment

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    Postcards are actually well thought out now that I just recently did one. Having color in it seems like a must and it makes it look better. I didn’t even think about the 5 W’s and an H when I read the postcard and now it would makes sense to have them. I chose the two colors because of their color palette. I didn’t want to do too dark because I felt like it would be too much. Since the assignment said have educational tours and something else, I decided to have two or three sentences about the educational

  • Analysis: Violent Media Is Good For Kids

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    Project 1 I found my peers projects to be very well written and engaging. Some of my peers used very descriptive wording which I used in the first paragraph of my project. I found "Violent Media is good for kids" very interesting I love how he made it personal. "Long Overdue: A Reveiw of the Movie Juno" used formal diction meanwhile "Violent Media is Good for Kids" used more informal diction. I think the author of "Violent Media is Good for Kids" chose informal diction because he wanted to connect

  • Disappearance On The Treaty Of Versailles

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    Looking at both papers, I can tell that they were written excellent. Both stated their stance on the Treaty of Versailles. Their papers contained many historical facts and quotes supporting their stance, which in both was supporting the signing of the treaty. Their stance on the matter was also stated early, there was no second guessing on what they believed in, and at the end of the paper they wrapped up their views in a strong closing paragraph. Looking at my paper which received a C+ I can see

  • Bruce Nussbaum's Indie Capitalism

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    possible points the reader might have missed upon first reading. I also intend to provide examples that highlight evidence that Nussbaum’s true reason for writing Creative Intelligence is contained within the “Indie Capitalism” chapter. This analysis essay is designed for someone who has not yet read Creative Intelligence or did not fully understand the “Indie Capitalism” chapter of this book. There is reference to previous sections of the book along with

  • Response To Pascal Blanchet's White Falls

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    Dear Drawn & Quarterly, You may wonder as to why you are receiving this letter. I am writing you in response to reading your book White Rapids. This book shows the story of a small community having a short history. In telling its story it shows the aesthetic of a place that remains central to its text message, which is a need to remember the history of the town. Your author, Pascal Blanchet, did not experience the community himself, rather it is from the recall of events from his grandfathers

  • Summary Of Christopher Morley On Laziness

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    as possible. In the short essay “On Laziness,” by Christopher Morley, he explores laziness and explains what it has to offer in an enchanting way. He persuades the reader and show them the advantages of laziness and how he and others have used it to their advantage and achieved their goals using this simple tactic. At first glance this seems to be a not so serious essay starting with an example that explains the whole passage. Morley says he, “intended to write an essay on Laziness, but were too

  • 2.02 Strengths And Weaknesses

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    The first strength that my instructor pointed out was the introduction, the introduction worked because it grabbed attention of the reader by asking them questions that would be answered throughout the paper. The introduction also gave a small idea of what the paper was about. The second strength that my instructor noted was the use of the single reference of the United States Constitution, by using a strong reference it strengthened the argument of the paper. The third strength was the use of examples

  • 1984 Thesis Statement

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    #1 I never wrote a thesis statement, so my paper had no real direction to move too. So now knowing how to write a thesis I could make my paper so much better, it could have flow and have better direction. With applying the knowledge i have now I could write a thesis statement like. 1984 was book that had a great deal of violence through textual evidence, written throughout the book. With a thesis statement applied into my paper my grade would have been much higher. Also my paper would have

  • What You Eat Is Your Business Summary

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    Analyze of Mistakes in “What You Eat Is Your Business” At the summarize essay of “What You Eat Is Your Business” had some grammar and writing mistakes that made a little difficult to fallow the main point on the paper. These mistakes can be categorized in clarity, mechanics, and MLA style. First, this paper had some mistakes in the area of clarity. One was wrong word. In writing choosing a correct word can be difficult because the English is a language with a large vocabulary (Lunsford 374). To