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  • IELTS Test

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    words for this task. IELTS WRITING TASK2- ESSAY WRITING – The minimum number of words required for this task is 250. The candidate is supposed to present a written argument or description for the topic provided. GENERAL Writing LETTER WRITING- TASK 1 – The candidates are given a situation and response should be in form of letter. There are mainly three types of letters asked in IELTS writing that may be formal, semi-formal or informal. ESSAY WRITING- TASK 2 – This is very similar to

  • Cognate Strategies In Business Communication

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    Conciseness is, in essence, conveying a message in as few words as possible, while still being understandable. While I have yet to enter an actual, physical business setting for work, I am a student of business and my essay submissions to the Business Administration classes have been alternatingly praised and disparaged for being "concise" or "too terse." A comparison of my work and a few peers' work showed that I was conveying the exact same points as they were, just

  • Anna Hope's Short Story: A Gap Of Sky

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    irreverence and rebellion towards her surroundings and complains about how her responsibilities have been shoved upon her all her life. It makes her realise her physical and mental freedom, but also opens her eyes to things not related to writing her essay. And so, she stumbles upon the next stage – she enters the British Museum, where an exhibition on life and death is held. Here, Ellie is overwhelmed by an all-dominating headache, leading her thoughts on the track of death. Her thoughts are primarily

  • Braudel Literary Analysis

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    having the greatest literary prestige on earth; but, why Paris? What characteristics does it have that enables it to become the capital of the literary world? Through a detailed discussion, Casanova tries to prove her opinion by referring to the descriptions of great writers, like Walter Benjamin, about Paris and by mentioning its specific features for being such a capital which some of them are presented in the following: Paris as the symbol of the Revolution and the uprisings of 1830, 1848, and 1870-71

  • Michael Oakeshott's On Being Conservative

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    His ideas explain the human tendencies behind many of the ideological beliefs that Burke and other conservatives take. In fact, many of Burke’s ideas can only stem from the conservative disposition that Oakeshott outlines in this essay. For instance, through his expression that enjoyment includes the acceptance that the current moment was given to us by the past, and specifically by past society’s actions and institutions, Oakeshott makes a direct explanation of Burke’s social contact

  • The Death Of A Moth Analysis

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    personal unique definition of a moth, “They are hybrid creatures, neither gay like butterflies nor sombre like their own species” (par. 1 Woolf). The imagery allows the reader to recall images of moments that are similar or exact to that of the description. It lures the reader in with something simple and familiar to further expand and lead to something with more complexity. The imagery continues on to describe her observation of the moth flittering around, placing her readers directly into the

  • American National Culture Analysis

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    writes about culture, or more specifically Tennessee’s culture. His essay begins with explaining why no one has really written about a culture within state boundaries, and he doesn’t blame it on a scandal or lack of imagination and interest from scholars, rather he ties it to a problem with adapting a cultural perspective when observing Tennessee’s or any other state’s history. Then Conkin brings about his main point of his essay, which is focused

  • Rene Descartes Discourse Summary

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    actually differs. Descartes points that the right augmentation of knowledge allows reaching the truthful knowledge. The brief overview of the book could be divided into two parts; the first constitutes reflections and criticism of sciences and description of the method, while the other focuses on the metaphysical basis of the philosophic

  • Discrimination In 'Of Mice And Men'

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    the time of the ‘Great Depression’. This time period was very harsh for all Americans but in particular for black people as it was a very racist place. While white people were suffering without jobs, life was unbearable for many black people. This essay will explore how discrimination is displayed, focusing on discrimination towards Crooks, the black stable buck. Steinbeck clearly shows discrimination through Candy’s explanation of the boss’s attitude towards Crooks. In chapter two, when George and

  • Performance Assessment In Education

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    Performance Assessment Performance assessment is a method of teaching and learning that involves both process and product. It is not just a testing strategy. In performance assessments, students are involved in the process of constructing various types of product. Instead of measuring how much they know, performance assessment measures what students can do with what they know. What is most essential in the curriculum and what makes it is interesting to a student is the