History Of Recruitment Process Of Nike

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Nike is one the leading Multi-national sports across the globe. Nike is a major publicly traded equipment and sportswear supplier which is based in the United States of America. It's one of the leading supplier of apparel and athletic shoes in the world and a major manufacturer of sports equipment having an excess revenue of $18.6 Billion US dollars back in 2008. As of 2017 the Brand Nike is worth at $26.9 billion. Nike is extremely powerful in attracting industrious and talented workers to the company, which makes the process of managing applications and selection crucial for the company's success. Currently Nike receives around 900 Cvs each month and has an average opening of 110 to 130 positions at its Headquarters in Oregon, United States.…show more content…
Nike looks out for individuals which are resilient, flexible and optimistic self-starters who are willing to bring world-class capabilities in their area of expertise. And the fact that a large majority of their employees work in retail stores. Nike has a pretty standard HR process where it looks to reduce the cost per hire and improve the overall quality of talent hired into the business; and it is able to achieve this through the help of Job partners who provide Nike with e-recruitment solutions which enable the Recruitment process to be more effective and quick. They created an e-recruitment form named "Active Recruiter". This offers Nike to be more flexible and enhances its employer brand in the market place. External applicants can also apply directly from the Nike site online for more general speculative job opportunities. Nike's new recruitment method has helped save about 65% of the hiring time. But there are some shortcomings as well here, such as the fact that the authenticity of thousands of resumes is a major problem plus organizations like Nike can't solely depend on these online…show more content…
Candidates at Nike are supposed to go through several round of interviews and only the candidates which are satisfactory go through the next rounds. This allows them to narrow the field and hire the candidates who suit best for the job. After the interviews have been conducted and the candidates have been narrowed down, now it is time for the Managers of Nike to determine which candidate is best suited for the Job. Having a well-developed job analysis helps the managers at Nike know what they are looking for and optimize their hiring success. It is in the interest of Nike to maintain the supremacy over other competitive firms such as their rivals Adidas. The selection of talented and skilled personal also helps Nike to facilitate its expansion, reduce problems such as absenteeism, labor turnover and stuff like monotony shall not be experienced. A proper selection process is the backbone to find appropriate recruits and getting the company off the

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