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The Editors of Popular Mechanics Magazine and Christopher Frizzelle both wrote different articles regarding 9-11. Both of the articles have similarities and differences from one another. Both of the authors have their own unique language, style, tone, and relationships with 9-11. Similarly the authors included imagery to captivate the reader, and contained conflict of agreement between characters in each story. Both the authors have different ways of incorporating language into their stories. Frizzelle uses language more like one would talk, more like a typical 2014 teenage boy. Frizzelle’s use of word choice made his writing less professional then the other article. He uses cuss words in his article, which wouldn't be classified as professional. Frizzelle says, "Once everyone was good and drunk, we did a reenactment of the tragedy. It was a completely fucked thing to do, but then it was a completely fucked day to be having a birthday party..." There is a lot to be said about this quote. Firstly he and his friends were reenacting as a joke 9-11 and that is an example the level of professionalism this article contains compared to the other. Also note Frizzelle's use of cuss words in a formal article like this one. The translation of Frizzelle's quote is basically stating,…show more content…
It seems Frizelle is making up excuses for behavior he should know is wrong. In contrast to Frizzelle's unprofessionalism the mechanics magazine incorporates more professional language. The

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