Anne Frank's Cujo: The Diary Of A Young Girl

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Argumentative Essay In this essay I am going to talk about two interesting stories, one is called “Cujo” that is about a dog that have a sickness and want to attack a mother and her child. And the other is “Anne Frank, The diary of a young girl”, this is about a young girl that was describing her feelings about the Holocaust. The meaning of this essay is to describe how the characters act with the different problems that appear in the story, and if their responds were the best form to react to its different problems. In the first story of Anne Frank the conflict that her family faced was that the Nazis discriminate the jews and later they want to killed them. This affect all the family because at first they couldn’t make use of luxury…show more content…
This shows that Anne Frank was positive although the situation she was in was terrible. The impact of her positive attitude is shown by her actions and thoughts that make her family became more united. Then with her diary she have a big impact on many people to inspire many things. With this ideas it shows that the best form that we can act is to be positive. In the second story that was Cujo the conflict was that Donna and her son Tad were on their car and then the dog of Joe that was Donna’s neighbor appear but with a sickness and want to attack them. We don’t know if this situation affect their daily life because it was an open final, but I think that this situation create a trauma and maybe after that they would be scared about all the dogs. One part of the story that shows that Donna was an anxiety and a nervous person was when she get paralyzed when she saw the dog with rheumy eyes that want to attack them. Because she could do another thing to solve the problem instead of being scared. The impact of this action make them being more scared. The only thing they did was to close the windows and unlock all the doors of the car. They wait on the car crying instead of faced the dog or try to run away to a house. I think that the ideas of the story suggest that you have to faced the problems, or think clever and stay with

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