Response To Pascal Blanchet's White Falls

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Dear Drawn & Quarterly, You may wonder as to why you are receiving this letter. I am writing you in response to reading your book White Rapids. This book shows the story of a small community having a short history. In telling its story it shows the aesthetic of a place that remains central to its text message, which is a need to remember the history of the town. Your author, Pascal Blanchet, did not experience the community himself, rather it is from the recall of events from his grandfathers travels to Rapidè Blanc in the 1950s. Many images have a nostalgic sense to them almost as to the same as “fish stories”. It can be clear to look at the illustrations and only see the nostalgia but the text emphasises the impact. Blanchet does restore…show more content…
It shows how life was lived and how things changed over the course of the communitys short life. An area where past and present is felt is near the end of the book. While reading the book, we are taken from considerable views of the community to the time when the announcement was made that it will shut down. From this point on, you can feel a distinct change in tone of the text. The images star to get darker, and the final scenes are rougher, which helps show the abandonments of the houses. In one image of the sink with appears to be rust stains under the faucet, shows that there was once activity in this area. There is details like this in other scenes throughout the book as well but you do have to pause and make the connection. For example, the wires hanging where a light once was, a chip in the counter, and a missing handle. Your author showed these scenes in that rough manner, and he highlights the importance of how there was once activity there. The rust stains are essentially a historical document. While some may be in there for proving the point, it till does show how the community was once up and booming and a hope for success. It helps prove the authors point of showing the importance of remembering the history of the community, The history that it has not completely went away and a history that will still be there, at least in storied

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