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  • Donald Murray Objective

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    Have you ever had a paper scrutinized for using the first person or not being objective? Chances are that you have. We have all had a teacher in the past that has told us that we have to write objectively. I have always wondered why this has been the rule we have had drilled into our heads when it comes to writing a paper. This is more than something that we have been told not to do we have been marked down points for doing so. It is impossible to write without having yourself in the writing. In

  • Dance Thesis Statement

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    Main idea/thesis (Keeana) Following multiple readings of the essay, it became apparent to us that the thesis was not directly stated in the text, and therefore we had to conclude that it was implicit. Due to our notes on the annotation term “synthesize”, we took the three points of importance the author was trying to express, which are: Pain is never absent in the world of ballet. Roles in performances are filled with criticism and frustration. and finally, Your passion for dancing will have a lasting

  • Kate Harding: Article Analysis

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    1. Kate Harding was the author who wrote this article. Harding experience that would make her credible to this article was she was a blogger and the fact that she choose this topic to write about demonstrate that she had experienced bullying in her lifetime, and she understood both side of the argument. Many people would trust her and believe what she said because she was writing from her experience. 2. Her purpose for writing this article was that internet was not going anymore and parents should

  • Write An Argumentative Essay On The Hobbit

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    This first quarter for writing, we wrote an argumentative essay on social media. For the essay we had to decide whether social media is bad or good and prove whether our argument was true. Also for reading we did a class novel on “The Hobbit” by J.R.R Tolkien. For this novel we did PRL’s, organizers and packets. During the first quarter I wrote an argumentative essay on social media. While starting the process of writing the essay I found that it was more effective to begin writing on the body paragraphs

  • Those Living In America Analysis

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    Reflection My experience in writing this essay was an extremely difficult one. I thought that picking a topic very dear to me would make the process of writing easier but it actually seems to be making things a bit more complicated. Rather than being okay with having a bad first draft and just getting my ideas out on paper, I spent of lot time editing my thoughts before they could even make it into text. Writing about a topic that means something personal to me gave me writer’s block because I really

  • Essential Elements Of A Thesis Statement

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    The most important part of a thesis statement is that it clearly represents what the paper is going to be about. While a thesis statement is usually the essential part of the paper, it can change. It is important to have a clear thesis before you start writing. A thesis statement is usually one sentence, but can vary depending on the complexity of the subject. While writing your thesis statement, it is important to remember that you don’t want to have just a topic, but instead haven an opinion on

  • My Writing Autobiography

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    Writing Autobiography Writing sucks. This is the conclusion I come to every time I have to write a blog, essay or story. Writing requires an immense amount effort to put words on the page and is almost always homework. Something about thinking of words, and typing them on paper or google docs was just mind numbing to me. I remember in first and second grade when we were given a notebook and a pencil and told to write a story. While I loved first and second grade, I absolutely hated writing. When

  • Shitty First Draft Analysis

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    writer trying to write an essay, they don’t just sit down and write they will write a drafts first, they start with no idea, even writer they don’t get their idea right the way, so it’s nice to put something down first, your first drafts will always be the worst drafts, but nobody will see it ,you can find something that you write down and you just love, and put it down to the second drafts, then you keep fixing the second drafts, you will be able to get a perfect essay. Almost all good writing start

  • Timothy Noah's Essay On The Inequality Of The United States

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    I believe that Timothy Noah’s essay on the inequality of The United States of America is accurate to the point. There are three generous reasons as to why I believe that his essay is accurate and why I think that the essay evaluates the answer specifically to what the facts and figures say. Firstly, Timothy Noah’s research into the facts and figures of the inequality of the United States of America has been impressive. He has researched every living report on the matter with precision and extinctive

  • Rhetorical Analysis Food

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    Rhetorical Knowledge Focus on Purpose Purpose is the reason for which we write for. I learned that the purpose is very important when writing. Each paper I wrote for this course had a distinct purpose. While writing my food memoir, my purpose was to share a meaningful food experience in life with my audience. For the rhetorical analysis project, I had a purpose of analyzing rhetorically by identifying the audience, purpose, genre, rhetorical appeals of the invitation letter that