Mkt/421 Week 4 Post Card Assignment

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Postcards are actually well thought out now that I just recently did one. Having color in it seems like a must and it makes it look better. I didn’t even think about the 5 W’s and an H when I read the postcard and now it would makes sense to have them. I chose the two colors because of their color palette. I didn’t want to do too dark because I felt like it would be too much. Since the assignment said have educational tours and something else, I decided to have two or three sentences about the educational tours and one sentence on the other. I wanted to have the coupon to be four because I thought it would be a great number it isn’t too small of a group for a discount and isn’t too big. I didn’t want the discount to be too much and make it unrealistic. The white against both colors added enough contrast because when I did black the words against the dark green was really hard to read. I think the white was a better contrast against both colors tan and dark green. I thought the white words fit with the logo. I like the two fonts for the title and the body of text to be different. The font Rockwell was for the body of text and it looks legible. The font Minion Pro was used for the title Our Commitment To You. I wanted them to be different, but not too much.…show more content…
I also used the 9 point for the text in the back of the post card. Throughout the front of the postcard, I chose to use boxes around the three pictures and the commitment statement. I liked the boxes for the pictures and I wanted to leave the text of the boxes, but it didn’t look right. The pictures on the top are the same height, the pictures on the right have the same width, and the pictures on the left have the same width. I wanted all of them to have a very small distance from each other, so they aren’t together. If there wasn’t space between them then it would look weird. Since the pictures are all pretty much different they can’t connect to each

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