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Analyze of Mistakes in “What You Eat Is Your Business” At the summarize essay of “What You Eat Is Your Business” had some grammar and writing mistakes that made a little difficult to fallow the main point on the paper. These mistakes can be categorized in clarity, mechanics, and MLA style. First, this paper had some mistakes in the area of clarity. One was wrong word. In writing choosing a correct word can be difficult because the English is a language with a large vocabulary (Lunsford 374). To illustrate, in the introduction one mistake was “one is about stop selling unhealthy food at the school”. This mistake was fixed by putting that sentence and the others which were next to like examples because they were an explanation of what is doing the government in the US. Another mistakes were at the second, fourth, fifth, and sixth paragraphs that they had the wrong word or form of the verb. Such as, at the second paragraph was a mistake with the verb that was “sees”, and the correct is seems. Moreover, at the sixth paragraph was “this is a responsible”, and the correct is “this is responsibility” (Lunsford 2-3). At the fourth paragraph was “people who is”, and the correct is “people who are”. Also at the paragraph fifth was “the government do”, and the correct is “government does” (Lunsford 626).…show more content…
Capitalizing titles or name are a prime priority in every paper. To demonstrate, the title of a book, article, or poem must be capitalized. At the paper the title “What You Eat Is Your Business” most be in capital letters. Also, this paper had a capital letter mistake at the fifth paragraph that was “How to get fat without really try” by Peter Jennings, and the correct is “How to Get Fat Without Really Try”. In addition, in some other parts of the paper were some capital mistakes like congress which correct is Congress, and senators which correct is Senator (Lunsford

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