Gabrielle Chanel: The Most Famous French Fashions

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August 19th 1883 is the birth of Gabrielle Chanel in Saumur(France). In 1910,she opens her first shop at 21 Rue Cambon in Paris. She create has and name it "Chanel Modes". In that time her design attract the sight of the most famous French actresses. It helps her to establish her reputation. The design idea of Gabrielle Chanel is simple, tasteful style of dress to make the sensation. It becomes the trend for all of Paris. She opens a new shop in Deauville, France. She design a series of sportswear of jersey garment. It push the revolution that make women have change their relationship with bodies and the way of life. And it is an immediate success for Gabrielle Chanel. Her good name build up and established, MADEMOISELLE CHANEL as her first…show more content…
Gabrielle Chanel design the quilted handbag with iconic 2.55, it named with the day of its creation February 22,1995. In 1957, Gabrielle Chanel writes the legendary of two-tone sling back shoes. The strong growth of Chanel are most of the famous celebrity and star of that time wear Chanel latest fashion, they are Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda, Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Jeanne Moreau in 1960. In 1970, Gabrielle Chanel introduced N°19 and named it with the date of her birth, August 19. Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel passed away at January 1971 at the age of 87. her last series bows to a standing ovation after two week she dies. After the introduction of the first Ready-to-Wear series, they expands The House Of Chanel and the their line of iconic accessories for the worldwide distribution in 1978. In 1983, Artistic the Director for Chanel is Karl Lagerfeld. He is the designer of all Haute Couture, Ready-to-Wear and accessory series. In 1987, Jacques Helleu designed the Première watch and it's the first line of Chanel watches is launched. Chanel privilege by Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York with the huge exhibition committed to the House of Chanel in

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