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Final: Pablo Picasso and Leonardo Da Vinci Essay I have chosen Pablo Picasso and Leonardo Da Vinci for my compare and contrast artists to discuss. Some similarities between these two artists, though there are not many, consist of them both being very interested and focused on making their art work very detailed. Both artists were very successful and had created works of art that have become extremely popular to several different centuries and are still popular to this day. Lastly, they both were immensely powerful and adored by their contemporaries. Although Picasso and Da Vinci may have a lot in common, they also have several factors that make them different than one another. First, both artists became popular in completely different…show more content…
First, would be how detailed both artists were with their art works. Both Picasso and Da Vinci were focused on exactly what they wanted their piece to look like and portray, and executed it greatly through their amount of detail that they would provide for the viewers. Next, is that Picasso and Da Vinci are both two of the worlds’ most popular and famous artists even to this day. Picasso’s most famous paintings consist of “les Demoiselles d Avignon,” “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust,” and so many more. There are too many popular pieces to name in one essay for both of these talented artists. Some of Da Vinci’s most famous pieces consist of, of course, at number one “Mona Lisa,” which is still a very well known painting to this day. It is almost unheard of for somebody to have never heard of “Mona Lisa.” Another popular Da Vinci painting is “The Last Supper,” which most people have seen, read about, or learned about in today’s world as well. Lastly, would be how adored they were and looked up to by many people from each of their contemporaries. Both were famous and popular by different contemporaries. Many people adored them both as artists and were inspired by them and their work. Picasso and Da Vinci were very influential to their contemporaries and had people inspired by their artworks. They made art that each person could relate to in their own situations and unique

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