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Michelangelo has extremely influenced the development of art in the West. But he didn’t just influence art in the West, he influence artist too. Many buildings, sculptures and paintings from around the world were inspired by Michelangelo. He created his own style and he changed the way art was perceived. II. First main point a. Point Michelangelo has extremely influenced the development of art in the West b. Evidence He restored the idea that the nude human body is a significant way an artist can show his emotion. This notion greatly influenced the arts and led to mass creations of nude sculptures for generations to come. His work created a reviving of Greco-Roman art and culture. c. Analysis Michelangelo presented man as glorious and powerful,…show more content…
III. Second Main Point a. Point Michelangelo influenced many artist during and after his lifetime. b. Evidence • Michelangelo influenced Auguste Rodin • Rodin admired how much emotion Michelangelo incorporated in his work • His influence on Rodin was very obvious as Rodin’s sculptures began to look more and more like Michelangelo’s. • Michelangelo also influenced Peter Paul Rubens • The pair never met • Rubens learned from Michelangelo by reproducing his paintings and sketching his sculptures, but sometimes also adding his own touch to what he learned from Michelangelo. • Michelangelo’s influence is also clear in Rubens’ own original work. In Prometheus Bound, the writhing torso of Prometheus is similar to those on Michelangelo’s Prisoners statues. • Michelangelo also influenced El Greco and many others. c. Analysis • The reason Michelangelo influenced many is because his work was exceptional. d. Link to thesis ? IV. Third Main Point a. Point He changed the way art was perceived. b. Evidence Society started changing the way it saw art and what it meant to them. Michelangelo’s sensitivity to the human experience allowed him to break free from conventional standards and set some of his own. Paintings were no longer seen as the main event, instead, the artists became more important than their
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