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  • Importance Of Music Essay

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    Music has a significant impact on my life. From beginner piano lessons in first grade to performing in the front ensemble of the Miami University Marching Band, music has shaped my personality and has helped me become more creative and open minded. Everyday I experience music in some form, whether on the radio, through my cellphone, or even sometimes at a live performance, and my listening habits have evolved over the past few years. For the most part, I listen to music through my cellphone. Apple

  • Immanuel Kant's Theory Of Mimetic Art

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    arguments are quite hard to understand because they employ words differently, deeply and more specific than our simple thinking. Hence, words such as art, pleasure, disinterest, and others will first be defined philosophically. The main philosophers to be included in this study are Plato, one of the philosophers responsible for the notion of mimetic art; and Immanuel Kant, the philosopher accountable for the Critique of Judgement. In order to judge the subject with efficiency, the researcher will also

  • The Liberal Arts Are Dead Analysis

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    In the article, The Liberal Arts are Dead: Long Live the Liberal arts, David M. Whalen, the author states his position on the view of the liberal arts. The problem is that the liberal arts are portrayed as unimportant in the education system and in a person’s life. Whalen expresses his thoughts towards supporting the belief that the liberal arts are important, His intended audience are to scholars who object to the importance of liberal arts and the ones who support his view. Whalen writes an effective

  • Machiavelli: The Characteristics Of The Power Of A Prince

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    while a leader should possess all these good qualities it is quite impossible to have them all at once, and sometimes trying too hard to be what a prince should be is disastrous and brings his powers down. Acting according to virtue is not always the answer, for immorality is sometimes needed to maintain a position and order. And no prince should worry about his people calling him cruel or not thinking he is merciful to them, because punishing the few people who disagree with his rule is better than

  • Case Study: The Destined Kitchen Warrior

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    The Destined Kitchen Warrior: An Interview with Mr. Redentor Ylagan Agustin Redentor Ylagan Agustin, 43 years old, is one of the greatest and successful chefs. He was supposed to be taking up an Architectural course but suddenly he felt a bit short on passing the entrance examination about it and accidentally intended to try and take up Hotel and Restaurant Management course in the University of Santo Tomas because the next building next to it is HRM beside the architecture course building of UST

  • Ketchup Marketing Strategy

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    Stage-1:- Learning about the company and its products The very first step was to understand the company and its products. We gathered some information from the company website and some information was given to us by Mr. Vijay. For the purpose of personal selling, we first need to understand the product USP and prepare a sales pitch. The products’ USP are as follows: - • Use of 100% pure vinegar • Use of natural sugar not sucrose • The optimum size (5-8 mm) of the slices, gives a better yield Stage

  • Essay On Art Therapy

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    Aristotle: “Aim of Art Therapy is to present outwards appearance of things as well as inner significance.” Art Therapy or an expressive therapy is a therapy in which, through art or drawing a person expresses his feelings, emotions and thoughts. It is a process in which thinking and observation is separated. Floating thoughts of mind is called as thinking while observation is known as creation of thoughts in mind. For mentally ill patient, expressing his emotions and feelings is not very easy. So

  • Indian Education In India

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    CHAPTER - I INTRODUCTION “History has come to a stage when the moral man, the complete man, is more and more giving way, almost without knowing it, to make room for the commercial man, the man of limited purpose. This process aided by the wonderful progress in science, is assuming gigantic proportion and power causing the upset of man’s moral balance, obscuring his human side under the shadow of soul-less organization.”- Rabindranath Tagore, Nationalism, 1917. Aristotle felt that the purpose of

  • I M Your Teacher Not Your Internet-Service Provider Ellen Laird Analysis

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    Algebra, Spanish, World History, Chemistry, English Literature are just some of the myriad of dishes being served on online education buffets. Students are free to pile their plates high with the sciences, the arts, the languages, and countless other subjects due to the growing trend of distance learning courses offered through the Web. Teachers, however, are becoming more dissatisfied with distance learning methods and remain adamant about face to face courses; in response to the competition between

  • Negative Influence Of Social Media

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    Internet is a form of new age media, it has changed our lives since the 1990s. With the appearance of internet, old print media is adapting to this new fashion technology. I can gather instant information from that massive resource database; it has made the world a smaller place. Young generations are tend to spend more time to explore on the internet, however internet intends to spread information from nowhere to everywhere, actually no specific groups are aimed at when massive messages are passing