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  • Cultural Factors Of Indian Nationalism

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    4. RELIGIOUS FACTOR The fourth chapter of this book contains the religious fact or that makes the Muslims as nation. In Indian nationalism religion plays important role in order to strengthen the Muslim nation and nationalism. Because of religion divided the nation according to their culture and habits. In India the Hindu to replace British-Raj with Hindu-Raj the purpose of this Hindu and Congress wanted to impose their ideology and philosophy on other nations that live in India. In fact in Gandhi

  • Literary Response: The Alchemist

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    A JOURNEY OF RELIGION AND LITERATURE THROUGH THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS! A study with a cross reference to The Alchemist. Anitha Rajan Fr. Rinoj James Vattakkanayil Assistant Professor Principal Department of Science and Humanities Chavara International Academy Viswajyothi College of Engineering Vazhakulam Sitting in a tearoom in a shopping centre (not big enough to be a mall), a writer noticed an emergency exit with the notice, ‘This door is alarmed’, and began to wonder why a door

  • Fine Art Bibliography

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    Nowadays fine arts are permeated everywhere in the world. In other words, fine arts have been involved into people’s lives frequently, which they produce economy, vocations, and individual influences. These arguments have been proved recently. I found several sources that could get representative examples, and thoughts which obtain essential inspirations for my research. I mainly used Google Scholar to find articles on my topic. Thus I selected three articles, which are discussed in this bibliography

  • The Importance Of Contemporary Art As A Career

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    what would help you accomplish something later in life? Art is something that is not easy to make into a career, based on the fact that anything you do, others may like it, or not. There’s always new art forms to explore and try as well as figuring out which one is the one that makes you the happiest. Another thing to look at would be the cost of trying to turn art into a career long-term and how to get there to even begin. What kind of art you want to do for the rest of your life is also something

  • Traditional Celebrity Essay

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    It is necessary here to clarify exactly what is meant by traditional celebrity. Previous studies mostly defined traditional celebrity as a famous actor, model, athlete, and musician (Turner, 2013). The scope of traditional celebrity is built up and being know by traditional channels such as on screenplay character, movies, and radio (Turner, 2013). This definition is close to those of Marshall (1997) and Rindova et al. (2003) they define traditional celebrity as the person with highly awareness in

  • Book Review: My Connections To Zen In The Martial Arts

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    My Connections to Zen In The Martial Arts I recently read “Zen In The Martial Arts,” by Joe Hyams. The author Joe Hyams was a Hollywood columnist and an experienced martial art student who has learned from several famous martial artists such as, Bruce Lee and Ed Parker. He has studied karate, judo, jujitsu, jeet kune do, hapkido, aikido, taekwondo, and wing chun. The book “Zen In the Martial Arts” consists of several chapters, each about a lesson the author has learned. The first chapter is named

  • Women In Art Essay

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    the case of art. Although this may be termed as a misconception by some, it can be articulated by the fact that a majority - if not all - of the well known artists are men. By dwelling further into the realm of art and taking references from Linda Nochlin’s “Why are there no great women artists” and Rozsika Parker and Griselda Pollock’s “Crafty Women and the Hierarchy of the Arts”, including other scholarly texts, I will attempt to unearth the reasons for the dearth of women in the arts and how society

  • Examples Of Rituals

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    examples of rituals. There are two different types of rituals, sacred and secular. Sacred rituals are associated with religious events and beliefs. Some examples would be a funeral, a baptism or an ordination of a priest. Secular rituals are associated with rituls in everyday life and more social rituals that are not the religious areas. Some examples would be dressing up for Halloween or a divorce party. However some rituals can have an both sacred and secular elements in them such as christmas

  • Art Therapy Argumentative Letter

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    authorized art therapist, you will probably need to finish an assortment of educational and temporary position necessities. Check with your neighborhood art therapy association for more data about your territory. You will probably need to take some assortment of art classes and brain science classes, get a graduate degree, and accomplish the suitable prerequisites for your confirmation and licensure. Another potential art therapy profession way is to apply the recuperating force of art and inventiveness

  • Essay On Bystander Intervention

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    Introduction The typical approach which the mainstream psychologists adopted to study the issue of bystander intervention is conducting a series of experiments, such as Darley and Latané’s study on ‘bystander intervention in emergencies’ in 1968. However, this typical approach was criticized as inadequate by Cherry's feminist approach in 1995. This essay will first discuss the study done by Darley and Latané, and then explain the critique made by Cherry. Darley and Latané’s experimental investigation