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The book I will review is called Jamestown the Buried Truth by Kelso James. I am normally not fond of historical novels with an emphasis on depicting the past but I found this one to be very interesting. There is a significant amount of factual information about the early settlements of Jamestown and it’s colonialization. This book highlights all of the hidden things that nobody thinks about in history anymore and is an excellent history of Jamestown. It contains some very cool pictures and little known facts. This novel talks firsthand by the scholars who uncovered the real Jamestown. Kelso talks about what his team uncovered with the use of thousands of artifacts. Their discoveries are amazing. I will discuss some of this factual information…show more content…
As I’ve stated prior, the methods that Kelso went about to uncover Jamestown were undeniably impressive. Kelso argued that James Fort was never fully vanished. I agree with his arguments. This was later proven to be right after years of extensive excavations. As I’ve said before, it took Kelso eleven years to prove this claim, but after the wait, it he successful at it. I did not know much about James Fort before reading this book, but from what I was taught, I was learned James Fort had disappeared. This book enlightened me on that topic of discussion. Another argument the author made in this book were the living habits of the early settlers. Many claims before the excavation said the settlers did not live with a lot of technological inventions, in the sense that they did not have a proper meal due to the lack of ceramics and plates, or did not dress warmly during winter times, but this was later disproven by Kelso. During his excavation, he found many artists that rendered these claims as just false claims. His team found many different pieces of clothing attire, bows and arrows, helmets, ornaments, ceramics and etc which proved that they did live very

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