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  • Us History David Mccullough Analysis

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    History is the foundation of our world. It has built our nations, languages, traditions, cultures, everything that today, composes the United States. Our past forms the guidelines by which we grow, and improve. In his essay, David McCullough talks about the different aspects of history, and its importance. The three quintessential ideas from McCullough’s writing was that first, to advance successfully in the future, you must have the capability to understand the past. Second, the United States has

  • Deadman Summary

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    watching “Written in Bones” brought to light the fact that human history is made up of and by individuals. We’re talking about history as a whole, but at the same time we’re talking about the minute parts that makes up the bigger picture, for a better understanding. This is important because historic records are written by our predecessor, and biases can influence their judgement and how they tell the tales (the victor writes the history pages). The facts from these skeletal remains, along with artifacts

  • Vincen Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night

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    The history of art is literally and figuratively very colorful. This is because thousands of artworks were made throughout history and these played a significant role on shaping our society despite the fact that only few of these artworks made it to the halls of the museums, or they were sold for the highest bidder at high-end auctions. Moreover, these artworks were crafted in different periods that their themes and the motivations for their creations are dependent on the existing conditions in their

  • Marcus Aurelius And Justinian As World Conqueror

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    periods and civilizations, and even throughout the history of art itself, inspiration from previous artists’ and cultures have affected the course of history in the art world. While other countries have obvious inspirations in technique and narrative deriving from a nearby or previous city, it is also clear to see that depending on the cultures being observed that it is also somewhat easy to understand the differences between the two once we know the history behind the artwork. Even at first glance it is

  • How Did Greek Sources Influence Sparta

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    Xenophon's Anabasis is a history of his experiences from 401 BC as one of almost 13 000 Greek mercenaries hired by Cyrus of Asia Minor in his ill-fated attempt to overthrow his brother, Ataxerxes, king of Persia. During this expedition and later campaigns, Xenophon came to know many

  • Erich Remarque's All Quiet On The Western Front

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    events or social conditions which have occurred in history. Attitudes, ideas, tendencies, and themes are interwoven into the story without distorting past reality or manipulating historical facts to make the novel more interesting or exciting. Therefore, I argue using a historical fictional novel can be a useful source to teach history. “All Quiet on the Western Front” is a wonderful teaching tool as it provides an unusual insight into the history of World War I because it is written from the perspective

  • Jhaverchand Meghani's Historical Novels

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    characters are much-pampered adolescent daughters and Ramanlal Desai’s are charming beloveds, then Meghani’s major women characters are models of Indian motherhood. Meghani excels in the portrayal of family life. 25 Meghani has remained very close to history in his depiction of events in his historical novels. His novels reveal heroism, mystery, intrigues and romantic fervor. Meghani has made an effective use of the language and imparted to Gujarati literature varied, fresh and exquisite similes. “His

  • The Never-Ending Quest Of Objectivity

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    unobtainable goal. History being what we document as the truth of the passage of time and historiography being the methods used to obtain information it seems both have flaws in reaching the goal of complete objectivity. History during the ancient times seems to have been more of a tool used to influence people, promote oneself with the elite, or obtain stature and wealth. The methods used to obtain the history seems irrelevant because the intention of the historian was to create a history that supported

  • The Education Establishment's Success By Walter E. Williams Summary

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    Professor Dorsey Texas Gov. 2306.305 5 November 2014 Could the Past Help the Education System Work? The article “The Education Establishment’s Success” by Walter E. Williams questions if we should be proud of our education system in America. Do Americans even know if their educational system is slacking? Walter focuses on points where America had started slowly sliding down the education standard. Walter uses examples of current events where they show that people in America are accepting of nonsense

  • Concept Of Comparative Literature

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    literatures are their languages, which separate each other. Therefore, the languages of the literatures are important to Comparative Literature in the study of the mutual impact and influence amongst them. Comparative Literature is essential to the history of literature and criticism in their contemporary meaning, because it discloses the trends of artistic and intellectual sources for the National Literature. The comparisons among the authors from different literatures have no historical links cannot