Dolce And Gabbana Advertising Analysis

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In the present time, while being subjected to 4,000 to 10,000 ads a day, we have become used to the perfect image of a woman. In particular, Dolce & Gabbana sell their clothes while seemingly creating a shock factor, and alluding to the stereotypes of women. Stereotypes play an important role in advertising as they are what people have grown accustomed to and know that it sells. A stereotype we tend to see in how the male is always dominant and seems to be in a position of power. In a particular advert, the woman is shown leaning on the man, as if she needs his support and in the same advert she is seen on a different level to the man. This creates the idea that the man is superior and that the woman is simply his accessory and is only there…show more content…
This connects to the stereotype that women in these adverts are unobtainable and that if we wear these glamorous and sophisticated clothes we will become like them. In one particular advert, the woman is seen on top of a table in a position that almost look statuesque, with all the men around the table regarding her and adoring her. This gives us the idea that she is so precious she is not even regarded as human, but as something from above, which makes us want to buy the clothes so we become as wanted as she is. Furthermore, the stereotype that women are used in men's advert as they will capture the man’s attention is found in a specific advert that is trying to sell a man’s perfume as the perfume is specifically places on the woman’s torso. This is places there as men will contemplate the woman’s body in adornment and in turn see the perfume. This is also related to implied causality as the man will think that if he has that perfume he will be able to attract the perfect women , like the one in the advert. This stereotype of women perceived as unattainable and unreal works for the selling of Dolce & Gabbana's products, as through their adverts they’re giving the illusion that if you have their products you will have the woman, so they are giving the audience a solution to a common…show more content…
In a campaign Dolce & Gabbana had in 2007, whilst trying to sell their men’s denim clothes, they portrayed a gang rape scene, in an advert they called dream. This image created the idea that rape was glamorous as the men and the woman all looked glamorous as well as the woman didn’t seem to be fighting back so it created an idea that it was acceptable to rape. This, again, generates the stereotype that the male is always dominant and that the female is submissive and doesn't fight back. This advert in particular, gives the idea of voyeurism as the other men surrounding the rape scene seem to be observing it without responding. Additionally, there is also the idea of sexual harassment in an advert where a woman is seen being followed by five men. This advert evokes the idea of sexual harassment as they all seem to be trying to get her attention but while most people could view this is as aspiration, in terms of wanting to become the woman who garnishes all that attention, we could also view it as the normalisation of this, which feeds into the rape culture and the new norm. In this advert the woman is shown trying to avert her gaze and the man are all well dressed alluding to the idea that if you dress well and buy the glamorous clothes, you too can catcall and not look like a rapist. This aspect in particular, gives the audience the shock factor, which gains attention to

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