Digital Billboard Advertising Case Study

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Chapter 3.2 How digital billboard advertising with the moving image helps to create a better awareness Figure 8. The series of moving image advertisement These are the first case study to investigate on how digital billboard advertising with the moving image helps to create a better awareness compared to the paint billboard advertising. The pictures above are a series of digital billboard advertisement in Klang Valley. This series of advertisement shows the different image of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge at the same digital billboard and the picture will change every few seconds. Unlike the traditional or paint billboard advertising, digital billboard be able to change the image display every few seconds and this technology makes digital…show more content…
This is another series of digital billboard advertising located in KLCC area. This series of advertisement shows the different typography design by Big Tree outdoor advertising company to sell their services which is offer a different kind of outdoor advertising and introduce and promote their brand identity to the public. The advertiser choose to break their whole brand’s idea into small different piece and use different design content to present it and with the creative typography arrangement and design, the advertiser get to emphasise the key point of their brand identity and value. By using this unique characteristic of digital billboard, Big Tree outdoor advertising get to break the message and the meaning of their brand identity into separate advertisement and make it easier to public to remember it. The two case study at above are the good example to indicate the usefulness of this unique characteristic which is digital billboard with moving image helps advertiser create a better awareness compared to a static…show more content…
This digital billboard installed at Bukit Bintang which is a popular shopping area and tourist spot in Kuala Lumpur where is always with hot weather and plenty of outdoor advertisement. The purpose of this digital billboard advertising is to experiment the interactive experience with the audience. McDonald’s Save the Sundae Cone campaign had a McDonald’s Sundae Cone on the digital billboard, which was slowly melting in the heat of the city. To “save” the sundae cone, the audience needed to spin a giant fan that would ‘cool’ the sundae cone and ‘un-melt’ it. They did this by spinning a mini-fan, which was accessed through their mobile device’s web browser. At the end, participants were given a voucher on their smartphone to be redeemed at a McDonald’s across the street for a free sundae cone ( Hanson, online, 2014). This shows that real time data collection in digital billboard works to help digital billboard advertisement create an interaction with audience because this campaign successfully make 1500 peoples and above interact with the digital billboard. With this capability, digital billboard had became a power tool for advertiser to grow sales or create awareness of the

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