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Definition and Types of Outdoor Advertising Outdoor advertising is any advertising that publicizes business products and services, reaching consumers while they are outside the home. The history of outdoor advertising starts in the earliest civilizations, when Egyptians were employing tall obelisks to publicize laws. In 2013, outdoor advertising spending worldwide was approximately $34.3 billion, or 6.9% of worldwide advertising spending, and this number is increasing every year. Out Of Home (OOH) advertising targets consumers, when they are "on the go" in public places. OOH advertising has three main areas: billboards, street furniture, and transit. Billboard is the most traditional type, and is most frequently used in outdoor advertising.…show more content…
Types of non-digital out of home advertisings are bus advertising, street advertising, postcards, posters, aerial advertising, lamppost banner advertisements, airport, transit and bus shelter displays, etc. Although non digital outdoor advertising in not growing market, most of the advertising companies try to maintain balance between digital and non-digital advertising and offer both kinds of services for the effectiveness and flexibility matters. Problems of the…show more content…
Supply scarcity – it is very hard to keep up with increased demand of digital outdoor advertising, so greater production capacity is needed. Outdoor advertising is highly correlated with and sensitive to GDP growth and decline. Small downturns in the economic performance lead to disproportionately large overall declines in ad spending, while ad spending tends to increase sharply during boom times. Regulations – there are limitations and bans of billboard in different places which can be seen positively for advertising companies because it creates barriers for new entrants, but on the other hand regulations can be serious obstacles for existing ones as well. IT used by the Industry to achieve

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