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Concept of work-life-balance has arisen due to the fact that an individual’s personal and work life put conflicting demand on one another. Basically, WL-balance is all about, balancing in responsibilities at work and at home. WL-balance is very challenging issue faced by women employee in today’s scenario due to their different playing role at home and at office. Women struggle is much more extent than male employee. Their struggle with personal and work life demands more consciousness than male employee. Compare to male employees, females have to undertake the most of the household duties and responsibilities therefore females have to suffer more with their roles that they play at home and at workplace. Woman’s has to make many sacrifices…show more content…
The former is also referred to as work interferes with family” (WIF) while the latter is also known as “family interferes with work” (FIW). In other words, from the scarcity or zero-sum perspective, time devoted to work is construed as time taken away from one’s family life. Work/life programs existed in the 1930s. The policies and procedures established by an organization with the goal to enable employees to efficiently do their jobs and at the same time provide flexibility to handle personal concerns or problems at their family People entering the workforce today are more likely to turn down to promotions if it is new job means, the employee is having to bring more work to home. In most developing countries, at least until recently, only men worked outside of the home. The old, established joint Hindu family system facilitated a clear division of responsibilities between the old and the young in terms of decision making, the oldest male member in a patriarchal society is the head of household and would make all the important decisions; male and female the men would work outside the household, whereas the women are responsible for raising children and taking charge of a myriad…show more content…
Job satisfaction for women is also complex as compare to men just because they also have to manage their family responsibilities. Women expect some privacy at their workstation to avoid unwanted elements from other employees. Married women do not like interfere of male employees in their work, which is normally seen in Rajasthan located offices. Striking a good WL-balance is much more important for women to remove stress from their life. Mostly women in India found themselves uneasy in managing their WL-balance. They believe that if they would be able to have good WL-balance only than they can move ahead for success in their carrier. It has been identified that difficulties in balancing work life and personal life is the main reason of leaving job of women employee in India. There is a saying by a brilliant scientist that “life is like riding a bicycle, to keep the balance we must move on.” When rider is unable to make balance at the time of riding then rider may fell down. (Governing Body 312th Session, Geneva, November

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