Chemical Engineering Personal Statement

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I am a student of engineering whose life aim is to explore the new approaches so as we can compete the future challenges. As the engineering is going to discover new horizons in every field, I am looking for the singularity by which we can actually combine the resources for the ease of humanity. As a human I believe that it’s my obligation to give my best capabilities for the development of society. Hence I have decided to further enhance my studies to Masters Level for being a part of growing technological world and contribute to its development. I have an excellent academic result at every step of my education. I have been graduated in chemical engineering from NFC Institute of engineering and technology Multan, which is one of the most prestigious institutes of engineering in Pakistan and has very tough admission…show more content…
Masters in chemical engineering at your University is rated as one of the best around the world and is highly accredited. I believe that engineering knowledge is nothing without its industrial applications. This is I love about its Hanyang University, that it is situated in an industrial hub and it will provide intense interaction with the industry and exposure to the latest technology. I really want to be a part of education system of my favorite country South Korea, which is hub of cutting edge research in the world. South Korea is the land of ideas and is one of the most innovative countries in the world. I have a solid academic background and I think that I am an excellent candidate for KGSP. Besides all of this, an immensely attractive feature of KGSP is the multicultural exposure that it provides. This would clearly be a once in a lifetime opportunity, that I will never miss. Thank you immensely for considering my application and I am looking forward to a favorable decision regarding

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