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‘A small group of people with complimentary skills who will work together to achieve a common purpose for which they hold themselves accountable’- Schermerhorn et al, 1996 This essay explores why teams have become so popular, and how organisations can creative effective and successful teams. Topics such as team interaction, team processes, trust, composition, work design, environment, and social loafing. In-depth research has been done on these various topics so to analysis why having these elements makes teams effective and why organisations should meet these needs. Why are teams so popular? Teams have become so popular because they are a way for organizations to utilize individuals skills and talents appropriately while maximizing contribution. This can only happen if the team is structured appropriately and all team members skills are understood and is a good way to leveraage individual talents this can create synergy in the team. Organizations use teams because they are effective in terms of dealing with a rapidly changing business environment, organisations can assemble teams as and when they are needed. Management can carefully choose who the put into the team to use the individual’s talents fully. This point also relates to Dr. Meredith Belbin’s model of team roles, he found that the success of a team is not necessarily depended on intellect but instead behaviour. Each cluster of behaviour forms team roles such as a plant who is creative and free thinking or a co-ordinator who asks as team leader. Teams are not set in stone…show more content…
Aspects of Effective Teams Effective teams contribute to organisations reaching their goals, and are a major factor in their continued success, Richard Hachman said there are 3 milestones a team much achieve to be effective they are as follows: • Motivation- combined team efforts to finish a task • Composition- Use all skills and knowledge available to complete the task • Processes- use appropriate processes for tasks and

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