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In his essay “Talibanned” Benjamin Busch is a former Marine that writes about military video games and the how the games creates a visual for the real military. Benjamin explains how the army “incorporated them into recruitment and training” (Busch 284). The military video games don’t create a real experience though. If you happened to get shot you automatically come back alive and there is nothing on line line. Busch explains how Electronic Arts came out with a game called Medal of Honor that is built around a experience of an American special forces team. In multiplayer of this game, gamers can choose to be the Americans or the Taliban. The government become fully aware and did not want this game sold for the purpose of people picking…show more content…
He list many reasons for people joining the military which one of them include “ to serve the country” (Gillman 587). Steve also explains how the image of receiving automatic virtue comes to place when joining the military, but the fact is that soldiers may or may not risk their lives which people may or may not value. Gillman expresses his thoughts of why we shouldn’t honor our soldiers when they chose that job and we may not agree of what they are doing. It’s the United States culture to value or soldiers because we see bad things these soldiers go through so we think that is happening to all of our soldiers and therefore they we praise them all. Gillman ends the essay saying make your own decisions and don’t look back on…show more content…
This makes Ben an expert since he was in the military and he’s writing about the military. Busch wrote “Talibanned” at this time because he was noticing how people playing war games was thinking it was like real war or like the real military. It has been a popular belief in people that play these games. Talibanned could be a response to an argument because it’s arguing that videogames are not like real war. Young adults and today's Soldiers have grown on playing games and especially video games. Therefor the military uses these war games to recruit and train soldiers which is different from the past but the don’t give the players any real skills. EA (Electronic Arts) created a game called “Medal of Honor” that based on real war in Afghanistan and it created a big problem for the government because it involves the Taliban hence the name of the title. Busch argues that these games cannot train these soldiers and that these games are made for only the market. The warranting assumptions the author includes is that people that play military war video games think that what happens in the games pretty much happen in real life. Therefore they can't tell the difference. The author made this decision because he’s been in the real life military and has played this games. So the author can tell that the game is nothing like reality. The author has many appeals to value, emotion, logic, need, and

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