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The essay What’s So Great About America by D’Souza, D’Souza touched on the well-reasoned defense of American and Western civilization. In the introduction D’Souza compares the situation facing America which is the war on terrorism by comparing that with the Athens facing the Spartans followed by a quote describing the Athenians “Our system of government does not copy the institutions of its neighbors.it is more the case of our being a model to others than of our imitating anyone” (D’Souza pg.237). He then lists three schools of foreign criticism of America after asking the question “why do they hate us?”, The European/French school as they fear that American culture will obliterate local culture and languages. The Asian school approves of…show more content…
D’Souza believes that racial preferences and affirmative action have disguised the fact that the merit is responsible for the racial imbalance in our life. He strongly believes that the gap is caused by the cultural and behavioral differences among races. Finally, D’Souza answers the questions from the critics who think that the American culture is trash. To him, the choice and moral relativism are the supreme values regardless of the quality of choices. Morality is undetermined and society soon becomes “debauched, demoralized, and unhappy”. After reading What’s So Great About America by D’Souza I knew that there were things he failed to comment on, I know that D’Souza was trying to act unbiased, but he is a conservative and that was something that I struggled to comprehend and get myself to read this because of his views were just most likely going to be negative. There are many biased statements in his essay that ticked me off.Although he did do quite an okay job of being unbiased when it came to the topic of addressing how Muslim extremists hate us because of our freedom and that is why they continue to fight us rather than touch on how they could hate us would be the fact that we as

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